Sugar Mama wants to spread a lil LOVE to her Fellow Cafe Mommas!! EDITED!!! I made a mistake !!!
February 11, 2013 at 9:33 AM

 I am so sorry ladies my actual winner is starryrain I counted down on the wrong page!! I will have to be more careful next time!! I do not play favorites just so you ladies know and I always make good on my prizes Starryrain if you would please send me your shipping info I will get that sent out. Again i am sooooo sorry!!


**disclaimer** this post is in no way affiliated with CAFE MOM, I am doing this on my OWN...... also please do not play if you do not want to disclose shipping info, as I am giving a REAL PRIZE for the winner :)

I'd like to play a game, and the winner will recieve a PRIZE, a REAL prize ;)

Comment on this post, the more comments the better! The Momma who is reply # 313 will recieve this AWESOME handmade Bracelet and earrings :) Ready set? COMMENT and GOOD LUCK!!!