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So this will probably blow up into a HUGE debate...BUT...Car Seats & Snowsuits/Winter Coats (edited with pix added)
January 21, 2013 at 8:47 PM

Winter Coats and Car seats...

I see A LOT of people saying 'don't put your child in a car seat in a winter coat or a snowsuit, it's dangerous.' I have asked my child's DR and even the Head of the NICU unit she was in when she was born. Both say it is assining and perfectly fine to place your child in their car seat with their snow suit or coat as long as when they aren't wearing it you readjust the straps. I have searched online and I only see parents car seat crash test with a winter coat or snowsuit with a child being ejected from their seat...

SOOOO....Who puts their child in their car seat with a snow suit or Coat...and who doesn't?

***I need to add, my Daughter is normally in her fleece, she is a little furnace and our car gets heated fairly quickly, I do carry along her snowsuit if I know it will be REALLY cold though. But I am not against putting her in a coat or snowsuit if the weather is cold...

***Another edit...Our carseat was installed by the police dept AND a certified car seat tech who even told us (because she was only 4lbs 1oz the day we took her home) that we could take a washcloth and roll it up in the crotch area as well (we didn't) There are 6 Dr's in her Pedi office and they all say it is fine. Along with the head of NICU. I asked simply because a lot of people on my Facebook have been posting about it. I have googled and can not find anything but parents videos. Is there a video with the actual crash test dummies???

******Personally, my Daughter goes in the carseat depending on weather. Normally she is just in a fleece or a light snow suit. I have had her in a thick snowsuit on extremely cold days. When I brought her home the end of September we had her in her regular car seat just to carry her to the car. She was too small for her regular seat and a car seat tech that was working with a police station gave and installed a preemie car seat for us. The first picture is in what she sits in now (now she is a 10lb 8oz 4m old) The other pictures are her in our car in her preemie seat the day she came home and the day after to her Dr appt. Then one of her preemie car seat and one of her the day after we brought her home and now at 4 months on our small dog (oh no!! lol yes, I hear how it is so unsafe from my Mother in Law...) AND before anyone bashes me about her straps above her shoulders...This was a brand new Graco Preemie car seat we got from a certified car seat tech who installed it in our car at a car seat and inspection site. He put the pool noodles there. I never even knew they made Preemie car seats, this is a 2lb and up and on the smallest size it can go, the lowest strap slot as well. For about 2 months she traveled in her preemie seat then we would transfer her to her 'big girl seat' when we were going into the store or wherever...yes, take her out, put her in the other, put it in the cart the whole shabang...but she didn't travel in her infant seat until she was just over 5lbs. (Graco Snugride 35)


Here are a few more of her winter attires....



  • .Nobody.
    January 21, 2013 at 9:43 PM
    What about coats in LBBs?

    Anyone know about that?
  • nikkik526
    January 21, 2013 at 9:49 PM
    Just cuz they will check it dosent mean they know what they are talking about and are car seat techs. There has been plenty of times that non car seat tech firemen/police gave deadly info out. Doctors in the hospital before you leave let u use after market products in ur seats but if u read and research ull find out they are not allowed to be used in seats and can really hurt a baby/child.

    Quoting mamisjourney:

    around here, before you leave the hospital the nurses do a car seat check. Now why would they do that if they are not trained to do so? you wont be able to leave the hospital without a car seat check. So I think a NICU is a reliable source. Also if you go to the fire department they will give you safety information and check that the car seats and bases are installed correctly.

  • PEEK05
    by PEEK05
    January 21, 2013 at 9:49 PM

    Technically nobody should be wearing super thick, heavy garments in the vehicle.

    Quoting .Nobody.:

    What about coats in LBBs?

    Anyone know about that?

  • mommaslilmen
    January 21, 2013 at 9:51 PM
    Hands down will never allow my children to ride with their winter coats on. Quite honestly if you really want to after knowing the facts on how dangerous it is....go right ahead. I wont waste your or my time. Want the facts, ill be happy to give them. And if I'm the emt having to save ypur child....well sorry.

    Car seat safety is not taught enough and TOO many parents depend on either their dr or fire department to know the proper facts. Truth is drs either don't know, or are too "busy"to say anything. And as for emt's or firefighters....MANY in this country are volunteer and are NOT taught the proper in and outs. Ok they may know how to install ypur seat (can't say that for a single firefighter in my first due) but they still don't know about not using after market products, when to move straps up, when to properly switch seats ect. Those who do...kudos and I hope they are teaching others, I really do
  • GodsAmiga
    January 21, 2013 at 9:54 PM

    I take my kids' big winter coats off because I can't get their straps very tight otherwise. We have a remote start though so the cars usually warmed up before we get in. :-)

  • Aleta775
    January 21, 2013 at 9:55 PM

    I will unzip my dd's heavy coat. I put her in her seat and pull the coat up around the straps. I put the harness next her body and first layer of clothing. I tighten up the straps, and then zip the coat up, up over the straps and harness. 

    I live in Colorado and I feel like it is just too damn cold to take her coat off and give her a blanket. Hell I let her use the heavy coat AND a blanket. 

  • nikkik526
    January 21, 2013 at 9:57 PM
    Do you know that in a crash thier coats will compress and they will be ejectec and possibly killed?

    Try this.....put thier coats on and put them in thier seats, tighten the straps (to where u think they r tight enough), WITHOUT losening the straps take them out, now take the coat off and put them back in, buckle them but DO NOT adjust the straps. Now do you see all that extra room? Thats cuz the coat will not compress just by the straps but will by the force of a crash, leaving all that room for them to be ejected.

    Quoting keriley1:

    My kids wear their big coats in their seats. I still tighten it up as tight as it will go without hurting them. Its too cold not to wear coats walking to and from our car, and I am not risking my car getting stolen by letting it run to get warm.

  • Aydnsmommy
    January 21, 2013 at 9:59 PM

    I put dd in a thin fleece snow suite thing from Cabelas. It is the same material that a fleece hoodie is made out of. It is thin enough that I do not need to adjust her straps in her seat, but it still protects her from the cold. Now, I will not leave her in it to stay outside in the cold for more than a few minutes. I bought it purposefully because I do not want to put her in her seat with her coat because my dh's baby sister was ejected from her carseat at 6 months old and hit the celing of the car. She suffered a TBI and died, twice. Luckily, she surived and is a healthy 17 year old.

    With ds, I bought a thinner Columbia coat and we unzip his coat and pull it through the straps so that the straps only lay on him. We don't have to adjust his straps either.

  • Mrs.Pedro
    January 21, 2013 at 9:59 PM
    There's no degree for car seat safety. They get a degree for fire fighting. If it were part of the fire fighting degree then every firemen would be trained to do car seat installation, and that is not the case.

    Quoting mjande4:

    Yes, because the firemen in our area actually go to COLLEGE and get a DEGREE.

    Quoting Mrs.Pedro:

    Would you trust a firemen who is a car seat tech? They both go through the same car seat technical training. Honest question... Not being a smart ass or anything.

    Quoting mjande4:

    Show me an actual college degree from a division 1 school in this area and maybe I can be convinced.

    Quoting Ktina11:


    Quoting TheMrs407:

    And its a doctor's? If education is important to you a car seat tech has more education in carseats than a doctor.

    Quoting mjande4:

    I am sorry, but anyone with the measily title of tech after it, doesn't impress me.  There's not a degree tied to that little name.

    Quoting VintageWife:

    Carseat techs ARE smarter about carseats than doctors. Why would you think a doctor trained in inside the body things would be able to tell you about a safety device used inside a VEHICLE. 

    Quoting mjande4:

    Haven't you learned by now that the women on CM are much smarter than any one with an advanced degree like a doctor!? LOL  (insert sarcasm)


  • Mandie183
    January 21, 2013 at 10:07 PM
    I trust the fire department who do checks, my Dr, and my own education as a nurse. Thanks. In case you have any other questions consumers report agrees I never said the snow suit should be bulky. But it is ok.

    Quoting nikkik526:

    No you can not, your manual even says it. Dont give others deadly info.

    Quoting Mandie183:

    You can use a snowsuit with a car seat as long as you adjust the straps appropriately, meaning you should only be able to slide 2 fingers under the straps. Mine have always wore snow suits in their car seats.

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