Will someone help my nephew out?
December 4, 2012 at 10:29 PM

My nephew had a free throw contest and is looking for some sponsors to donate money to his basketball team. He made 65 shots out of 100 and won the tip off contest. I cant give alot at this time myself and was looking for others to help him out. He will be ever so grateful. I have paypal : donnawhitt21@yahoo.com    You can make a donation in any amount. Some go by per shot made ex: .25 per shot or a just a straight 2.00. I dont know if this is allow but I thought I would give it a shot for him. Oh I would like to mention I do have guardianship of him. The kids with the most donations gets a nice basketball. Thanks The money raise is use to purchase matching team basketball shoes/ shirts and end of the year pizza party and equipment.