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June 3, 2010 at 9:44 AM


 I busted my butt to be able to nurse my son and I succeeded nursing him for a full year!! Now I'm having just a teeny tiny problem... My son is addicted to boobs!! He has no intrest in weaning AT ALL!! He will drink soy milk out of a sippy cup (I had to put him on soy the whole seemed to bother his tummy) but I can't get him to drop any feedings.

This morning he got up at 6 nursed went back down until 7:45 got up and screamed bloody murder and threw his sippy cup and kept smacking it away until I nursed him!! Now he's sitting quietly eating his banana and cheerio's with his sippy cup of milk.

I'm proud of me and happy I made it nursing him but I'm ready to be DONE!! Help!!


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