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daughter took her first spill today
April 19, 2010 at 7:04 PM


ah yes so after i was done freaking out on the phone to my mom i thought i would post this and see what other moms have dealth with. so my 6 1/2 m old daughter just started to roll over on her own today i was excited! she was on her play mate and kept doing it for like a hour then she got hungrey so like i always do i sat her on the couch put a thick bliket (sp??) around her so she wouldn't move and walked into the next room to make her bottle well i heard her talking to her self and thought she was fine i was gone long enough to make a bottle and heat it up for 15sec! not even a min had gone buy and as i walk back into the living room i see my daughter roll off the couch and slid/fell off. she hit the floor with her legs frist then the rest of her body. she didn't get hurt but it scared her a little bit and then me yelling didn't help cause i picked her up and was freaking out and only then did she cry and that only lasted a min, once i had her clamed down and her bottle in her mouth i called my mom freaking out and she just laughed at me saying babies will do stuff like this and i did worse when i was a baby and i just needed  to clam down cause she was fine and it will happen. so now i feel a bit better but still now i really have to keep a eye on her cause she is mobile!! so whats the worse your kids have done ladies??? share some stories and make me feel better :)


  • fallnangel3
    April 19, 2010 at 7:07 PM

    Well lets see, one took a head dive into a decorative cabinet, one slipped off a chair, and my dare devil jumped off the back of the couch attempting to land on the end table and smacked his head.

  • KyliesMom5
    April 19, 2010 at 7:13 PM

     When my daughter was 5 years old she cut her shin on a hand saw so badly it went down to the bone.  I felt like the worst mom that day.  We were on Vacation at our "country house" that was having the foundation redone.  My uncle was also there working on smaller projects and he had his tools in the living room. Everything was put away in the tool box, the hand saw was blade down in one of them.  Earlier that day my daughter and I had been playing a card game in the kitchen so when we were in the bedroom I sent her to clean it up.  This house is almost in a horseshoe shape so she had to pass through the livingroom to get to the kitchen. The next thing I know Kylie was walking back into the bedroom crying and bleeding everywhere. She had apparently stepped over the box and the saw must have flipped, she then walked to the kitchen(my husband and uncle were on the back porch outside the kitchen) got scared to tell him and walked all the way back to me leaving a trail as she went.  I have no idea why I never heard a sound I was close enough I should have heard something.  Anyway I grabbed her up sat her on the side of the tub and had her hold a towel to her leg while i went to get her Daddy. Kylie ended up needing 5 staples in her leg. 

  • skyelyns_mommie
    April 19, 2010 at 7:15 PM

    omg o.o wow sounds like i have alot more to look forward to as she gets older

  • natty31105
    April 19, 2010 at 7:40 PM

    When my daughter was about 3 months old, she fell off the couch too. She was and still is really really tall, i think thats why she fell. Anyway, she still wasnt able to roll over or anything like that. I layed her on the couch in between the cushions to run and grab something in the bathroom real fast. i swear I wasnt gone more than 10 seconds. i heard a weird noise, so I stood there trying to listen then it clicked OMG what if she fell? So i ran out to the living room and sure as shit, she was laying on the floor. Heres the bad part....we had a coffee table in front of the couch at the time. It had a top part and a bottom part to put things on. She was laying with her forehead on the bottom part. Since she still couldnt hold her head up totally by herself, she kept trying to lift her head up, just to fail and hit the coffee table again. I think its safe to say she also hit her head on the top part of the table on the way down too. She wasnt crying though, more like grumbling at me. She didn't cry until she heard me scream. Same kid has had many goose eggs on her head from running to fast and bumping into things. She just turned 4, and the most recent one she was getting a drink before bed time and started to run towards the stairs to the basement and tripped and hit her forehead on the corner of the wall. She got 4 stiches from that one. Oh sorry for the novel, but heres another one. She was at the next door neighbors house while me and my husband were shopping. I think we were playing Easter Bunny or Santa so she couldnt come. Well, I guess she turned on the iron and ended up hitting it with the back of her hand. That was one of the nastiest burns I have ever seen. Oh one more! She was about 2. We had two couches in our living room, with a coffee table inbetween. She put her princess table next to the coffee table and jumped from once couch, to the coffee table, to her princess table, to the other couch where she finally biffed it and slammed her face into our bamboo blinds and the corner of the window sil. She tore her frenulum on that one.

  • sadeyez11
    April 19, 2010 at 7:46 PM

    my kids fell off the bed a couple times as babies, my daughter stuck her finger into a running fan(the kind that has the metal blads) and almost cut her finger off. dd cut her palm open when a picture frame fell and she tried to pick up the mess. ds fell in the bathtub onto the metal railing of the glass sliding door and busted his lip open, and had to have his front tooth pulled out. ds cut his palm open because he snuck into sil room and found a blade. and the most recent one, ds fell and fractured his forearm. and keep in mind my kids are only 4yrs and 6yrs. and everytime i have cried and felt terrible. today my son just had his hard cast put on. i felt like crap!

  • skyelyns_mommie
    April 19, 2010 at 7:50 PM

    oh my god!!! wow the more i read the more i feel better for a second and then i'm finding new things to be scared of my daughter doing o.o how did you ladies serive?? omg i would be crying so hard i freaked today when she fell and that was nothing!! o.o wow thanks so much ladies

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