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What's wrong with you?! LMAO
January 26 at 12:44 PM

We went grocery shopping this morning as family. The boys were wilder than usual and I was in a rush to get home. 

We were in the produce section my husband leaned over and said, "What are you doing?" I asked what he meant but something distracted us he never explained. I didn't think much of it. 

We went to the check out and went home. He acted a little odd like he was annoyed at me. I asked what was up and he said we'd talk about when we got home. 

As soon as be got home he sent the kids in the other room and asked "What's wrong with you?"

Obviously I was confused. He said, "I saw you steal the garlic!" I was still totally confused because of course I didn't steal garlic, I bought some though. 

I told him that and then he got confused. He said, "I saw you put it in your pocket!"  When I was picking out a bulb of garlic I accidentally grabbed two bags instead of one and just stuck the extra in my pocket as I picked the garlic. 

He was totally freaked out that I had lost my mind and turned into a shoplifter. He didn't say anything in the store because he didn't want the kids to know. 

Now he feels really silly. But he totally thought he saw me put it in my pocket. 


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