Elementary School Kids

Oh no, help!
March 1, 2013 at 1:13 AM

Jason has a science fair project due next Thursday yikes!  He is doing which bubble bath is the bubbliest and wants to make is backboard look like it has bubbles on it.

We have tried blowing bubbles at it with paint and food coloring in them.  Didn't work  We tried putting paint, water, and a tad bit of dish soap into a bowl and blowing it then laying a paper on top.  Didn't work.

Any clue how to make this happen?  We have barely started on the typing and need to retest the experiment in the tub.  we tried using a jar but it all ended up equal.  So tomorrow we have to retest and measure.  Of course this is after we do the rest of his school work in the morning.  Tomorrow evening my niece is spending the night, Jason has tee ball practice, then we have to leave there early to make it to his 4-H rabbit meeting late.

Seriously, weeks and weeks free then boom, everything at once.  This is only the second rabbit meeting we have had but it's about fair so he has to be there.  And it's his first tee ball practice of the season so once again he has to be there.

But yeah, any clue about the bubbles?


Elementary School Kids

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