everyone who has epilepsy

I'm Lynelle
April 28, 2007 at 7:38 PM
Hi Everyone!

I'm glad I found this group!  I have a seizure disorder which started about 18 years ago.  My doctors have never really been able to figure out why I have the seizures, but I have never actually been diagnosed with epilepsy.  My last seizure was in May 1999 when my doctor took me off my Tegretol to "see what happens."  Well, I had a seizure!!!  I didn't go to work for about 2 weeks and had my drivers license taken away for 6 months.  After going back on Tegretol I have been seizure free since 1999.

I was terrified my doctors would tell me I couldn't have children because of my disorder, but they reassured me it would be okay.  I had a healthy baby girl named Emma in 2003.  My Tegretol level stayed with in range throughout my pregnancy and I carried full term.  I was induced a week early due to preeclampsia symptoms.  We are trying to get pregnant with #2.

We are currently in the process of taking my daughter in to a Pediatric Neurologist for possible seizures.  She does this little hand movement and stiffens up her whole body when she gets excited.  It's not a classic seizure, but because of my history her doctor wants to have her tested.  There are only two Pediatric Neurologists here in the Portland, Oregon area so it will be awhile before we get her in.  Does anyone have children with epilepsy?

I look forward to meeting all of you!



  • Cher53
    by Cher53
    November 25, 2012 at 12:32 PM


    I also had to have my dd tested I think it's better if we know that their is possible seizure disorder just my thoughts....

everyone who has epilepsy

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