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Spring Activities for Kids
February 25, 2010 at 10:13 AM


Spring Activities for Kids

By: Kristen DeLeo
Published: Monday, 6 April 2009
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For many adults, the first sign of Spring means allergies, spring cleaning, and mere months to get beach-ready. But for kids, springtime is bunnies, butterflies, flowers, and outdoor fun. Here are a few ways to combine those idyllic sentiments with healthy activity.

Young Children
Active Easter Egg Hunt: This Springtime ritual is so much fun, it shouldn't be relegated to the big day alone. For an active variation you can do throughout springtime, place an Easter basket in the center of a large room or grassy area. Hide empty plastic eggs in plain sight, so they're easy to find. When you say go, the kids run to retrieve the eggs and put them in the basket. The rule is they can only hold one egg at a time, requiring them to run back and forth. Play fast music in the background, and challenge them to collect all the eggs before you stop the music. You can use the same rules for "Find the Matzah." Just replace the eggs with pieces of matzah, and the basket with a bowl.
The Bunny Hop: This classic dance is easy and sure to get their little hearts beating faster. Since there are so many recorded versions of the song-from swingin' jazz to cute kiddy compositions-download a few different renditions of the song to keep it fresh. You can learn the dance by doing a search on the Web, but here's a quick tutorial: Stand in a line. Hold on to the person in front of you at their waist. To the rhythm of the song, tap your right foot out to the side, then back in, twice. Do the same with the left foot. Hop forward once. Hop backwards once. Hop forward three times, corresponding to the music. Repeat this sequence during the entire song, traveling through the house. As the music intensifies, turn those taps to the side into kicks to really raise the heart rate.
Busy Butterflies: Have your little ones pretend they are caterpillars. Instruct them to lie down and use their muscles to slither on the floor. They can roll around and curl their legs up into the air, as long as they keep their arms and legs close to their body. Play slow music during the caterpillar phase. When you stop the music, the kids scrunch into a ball, as if they're in a chrysalis. Next, switch to a fast song, cueing the newly hatched butterflies to flutter all around the house. A slow song turns them back into caterpillars again.

Older Children
Spring Gardening: Assign your kids to tasks in the garden. Distinguish it from yard work by having them help plant seeds for vegetables or flowers. This will most likely require weeding, preparing the soil, and digging-all activities that engage the major muscle groups. The bonus will be the pride they feel as they watch their seeds grow.
Easter Egg Treasure Hunt: Slip small pieces of paper into plastic eggs. On each piece of paper is a command such as, run, skip, crab walk, hop, shuffle, etc. Written under the command is a location in the house or yard where you have hidden the eggs. Give the first egg to the kids so they can read where to go next. They have to travel there by performing the command. The last egg in the hunt can contain small prizes like stickers or other trinkets.
Spring Training Workout: This is a special project for the baseball or softball fans in your brood. Challenge them to create their own Spring Training workout routine-MLB style. Start by doing a search online for photos from this year's spring training camps. You'll find images of the major league pros doing drills, sprints, calisthenics, and stretches. The kids can print them and use them for inspiration by hanging them in their room or using them to decorate their workout poster. On the poster is a list of exercises they have chosen for their workout. The routine should include a warm-up, cardiovascular activities, strength training, and stretching. Encourage them to add conditioning exercises that will improve their swing or catch fly balls. After they perform their customized spring training workout daily for a week, reward them with a trip to the batting cages or tickets to the season opener. 

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What are your spring time activities for kids?


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