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Still Crying
by jdmgirl
May 24, 2010 at 8:17 AM

Hi Everyone,

I have not slep all night. I am still crying at the fact that Jack was laying there and closed his eyes and died after he saw the airplane going up to heaven. OMG! The ending was so perfect. I am so pleased with it. But it is so sad, because each character has touched my life. Yes, even Ben. I feel for him. But, yes, I do believe he will be in heaven too, but has to take care of his soul before he does. It does make me feel what I need to do with my own soul before I die. But our beloved Hurley. You have to just love him. Jimmy Kimmel was good. I loved the fact that Jeff Probes made it think that the survivors were at tribal council. It was cute. Well, as I said. It has been real. I do feel like a part of me has died too. I do feel like I am in mourning. Lets all keep in contact. It has been fun.

Aloha and Damesta,



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