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Just curious how many of you...
January 17, 2008 at 2:03 PM
I was wondering a few things, and I'm curious to find out the answers, now be honest. I'm not going to judge, just curious.

I want to know how many of you ladies out there smoke cigaretts?
Also, for the ones who do smoke, how many of you smoked while you were pregnant and for how long of the pregnacy? And after the baby was born either still continued to smoke or picked it back up again?

I am a smokeer as well as my husband. I smoked since I was in highschool off and on, when I was with my ex I smoked, in 2000 found out I was pregnant, and I quit. Lost the baby, then after that I picked it up again, and for some strange reasaon my ex bitched at me about it, why I have no clue, he smoked and I smoked when he met me so why complain now. Anyways, when I found out I was pregnant again in 2004 with my son, I did smoke till I was 4 months along, maybe 1 cigarett a month, only when I was stressed about my job, then fully quit for the rest of the pregnacy. After my son was born I social smoked, only when I drank or something. Since 2005 I've smoked fairly regular. I was just curious how many of you smoked. Please don't bash me for smoking, I know it's a bad habit and so on, I've already heard it all. Like I said, I'm curious. We're not all perfect mothers, don't we wish we were. lol


  • carriesmiling
    January 17, 2008 at 2:12 PM
    I smoked for 11 year. I never ever would smoke while I was P.G or breastfeeding. The health of my children was more important to me then my addiction. I stopped because I needed to get life insurance for my babies so no matter what they will be taken care of and since I haven't had the erg to. Its been 8 months. I didn't want that around my boys. I think smoking is your choice. I don't have a problem with it . Just don't do it around your kids for their health.
  • iammommy06
    January 17, 2008 at 2:16 PM
    I smoked socially before I met my husband. When we met I have not picked one up. It's nasty and I don't want it around my son. But his grandparents smoke so I really have no choice. Anyway. I did not smoke during pregnancy and no one should! Like I said, if I could have it my way, no one would smoke around my kids. Luckily for the most part he is not around smoking. Only when he goes to his grandparents houses.
  • busybees123
    January 17, 2008 at 2:19 PM
    I JUST was talking about smoking a little while ago with my son...weird that I now come across this post.  We were getting gas and the guy next to us was smoking in his car with the windows up.

    I have never smoked.  Both my parents the house, in the car, everywhere.  I was telling my son how my sisters and I must have reeked of smoke and didn't know it.  My sisters and I also had very bad post-nasal drip that didn't clear up until we weren't living in the house for years. 

    So, nope.  I've never smoked unless 2nd hand smoke counts.  I don't care if other people do as long as they don't exhale on me, smoke in my house or car, or when I'm eating.  =)
  • suthen_talk
    January 17, 2008 at 2:23 PM

    My sons are now 26 and 21 and I smoked during my pregnancies. More during my second...lot's of chaos going on at that time.  I quit 13 years ago and never restarted and won't. Both of my sons smoke and my youngest is being pressured into not smoking since he is now a dad and another is on the way...his wife doesn't smoke and she gives him hell about it. Which I don't blame her.  I don't recall hearing about all the bad things about smoking then as I do today.  Fortunately neither of my sons has lung problems and rarely became sick...such as colds, etc. Knock wood I suppose. But if I had it to do all over again I wouldn't smoke or be around anyone that does. I'm the one that has breathing problems even though I've quit.

  • tracylynnr67
    January 17, 2008 at 2:24 PM
    I used to smoke. I started when I was 16, quit when I was pregnant with son #1 (quit in Dec. 1985), started back up when he was about 2 mos. old (Oct. 1986), quit when I got preg. with son #2 (quit in May 1987) and stayed quit until 1994. In 1994 hubby and I both picked it up again, quit in 1995 and picked it back up in 2000. We did well as long as we didn't have any friends who smoked but as soon as we got around it we picked it back up again. Hubby quit for good 4 years ago and I quit for good 3 years ago. We now cannot stand the smell at all. For me quitting this last time was a snap. I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer and realized how lucky I was that I got an "easy" cancer that could be cut out.....I don't want a hard one that can't be. So I quit and never looked back.
  • MichelleK41
    January 17, 2008 at 2:24 PM
    Before I quit smoking permanently, I had always quit when I was preg. and then restarted after the baby was about 9 months old. I stopped permanently 10 years ago.
  • kattincolorado
    January 17, 2008 at 2:25 PM
    i smoked back in junior high, to look cool. hated it, then i quit.
  • jenjen81605
    January 17, 2008 at 2:33 PM
    I've smoked for about 9 years (early bloomer) and when I was pregnant with my son (2005) I cut back from 3packs a day to somewhere around 1-1/2packs a day (sometimes a lot less- depended on the day). I never actually quit, even though I tried. I went back to being a regular chain smoker right after he was born- I was still in high school.
    Now I'm pregnant again and I'm still cutting back slowly. I'm down (again) to around a pack a day. I'm 5months right now- I doubt I'll quit before I have my baby, but I'm doing my best. :D Wish me luck on it, though?
  • ScorpioGrl3
    January 17, 2008 at 2:46 PM
    In college I kinda took up smoking casually to 'fit in'.  didnt really like it.  was never addicted.  when i found out i was pg w/ my first, i went thru MANY emotions.  it's a very long story but the short of it is my MIL wanted me to give it up, so i took up smoking again.  i was very bitter.  then i decided to keep her, so i quit, but I was pretty far along by this time (don't exactly know how far but last trimester for sure).  i took up casually smoking again after she was born.  i got pg again, stopped smoking but lost that baby.  i think i smoked here and there before getting pg w/ my son.  stopped once i knew i was pg.  really wasnt smoking between that pregnancy and my last one.  have smoked very sporadically since then but i dont care for it at all.  i still have a pack of cigs in a drawer in the kitchen but i havent touched them in ages.  dh prefers i dont smoke.  he's tried smoking a couple times. his mom smokes like a chimney.  dad used to smoke cigars.  my dad smokes a lot.  mom never smoked.  two of her sisters smoke a lot.  one has emphysema, the other has bad asthma.  one of my bil's has bad asthma too.  my son has it as well but only a mild case.  another of my bil's smokes like a fiend, as does his wife.  they have a little baby and are trying for another.  that bil has very bad allergies. i used to have bad allergies 'til i discovered allergy shots.  anyway, i know that was probably way more info than you wanted.  the flood gates tend to open wide when i start typing LOL.

    As far as my views on smoking while pregnant, I'm not bashing anyone at all.  I just think it's a bad idea but I was guilty of it too.  :hugs:
    And yeah - in response to another replier, back when we didnt know the effects of smoking while pg, it was still very acceptable.  times they keep a-changing...

    Oh, and if you have any questions or comments you want to make sure I read, you can message me.  Just don't bash me LOL.  :)
  • Mommakarst
    January 17, 2008 at 2:53 PM
    Not a regular smoker myself. I have smoked very occassionally while drinking and a couple of times while I was driving somewhere by myself long distance I'd pick up a pack. I did enjoy it but don't think I would enjoy it as much on a regular basis. Maybe it's that I needed to feel a little rebellious.
    I don't enjoy that room full of smoke smell but don't judge folks who do. I've got my own vices (food) so I can't say anything about smokers.

    Mommakarst in KS

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