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School Tells Bullied Sixth Grader to Get a Breast Reduction
January 19, 2013 at 1:27 PM

School Tells Bullied Sixth Grader to Get a Breast Reduction

Posted by Jeanne Sager
on January 18, 2013 at 4:20 PM

boobies braceletIn every grade school class there is that one girl who develops way ahead of the pack. She's the envy of some, the nightmare of others, and an easy target for bullies. And for one sixth grade girl in Missouri, the bullying got really out of control when it started coming from her school administrators who told the 13-year-old to get a breast reduction!

Well, the school got one thing right -- something needs to be done about the boobs. And by that I mean the administrators who would dare tell a child that their body is the problem.

What's next? Telling the overweight girl that she needs to take up an eating disorder so people will leave her alone? Or maybe the schools will start requiring plastic surgery for the kid with the port wine stain?

Or, you know, we could just tell the bullies where to shove it.

Sigh. I wish I could re-write this story for this poor girl, that school administrators would have done their jobs and told the kids picking on her breasts to grow up.

But for some reason this "blame the victim" mentality seems to be entrenched in schools all across this country. It's not just the boobs in the Riverview Gardens School District. A mom recently related that her son was being called a gay slur by his classmates. The school's response? They told her to cut her son's hair.

This is just what the bullies want -- they want to make life harder for their victims, and when districts turn on the kids who are being wronged, they're playing right into their hands. This poor girl is simply growing. She can't help that. But in telling her to get a breast reduction, the school is trying to make science and nature the bad guy here instead of the kids who need to learn some compassion.

Is it any wonder kids are bullies? We still have adults who work with kids and who find it acceptable to treat kids as if their naturally developing bodies are a problem. Until the adults change, this is not going to stop!

Have you dealt with a "blame the victim" issue in your district? What happened?


  • Kylie819
    January 21, 2013 at 3:18 PM
    I don't quite understand what you typed...but are you really calling BS on a 6th grader being 12 years old? My 6th grader just turned 11 a few days before school started but a lot of her classmates are already 12.

    Quoting katarina666:

    It is normal for a 12 year old to be in 6Th grade.Either your lying,You were a super genius or you have a severely restrictive mental capacity .Either which way I call Bullshit!

  • Jalestra
    January 21, 2013 at 9:32 PM

    I had a principal tell me I should "dumb her down" in reference to my very gifted daughter...I'm not at all surprised to find one will tell a mom to "get her a breast reduction". 

    Everyone expects everyone to change to suit them. "Make her lose weight", "make her interested in stuff the other girls are", "make her boobs smaller". All of them are the same message "You're not good enough like you are. You need to change because there's something wrong with you".  Good job. Looks like the adults are making sure the kids get the message loud and clear.

  • mommyof2n1
    January 23, 2013 at 4:15 PM

    They're idiots.  Aside from telling this child she needs a life altering cosmetic surgery, they didn't take into account that at 13, she hasn't even fully developed.  No plastic surgeon worth a damn would do the surgery anyway.  And no school administrator worth a damn would make that suggestion.

  • MikeysMom22
    January 25, 2013 at 5:17 PM

    Even if the girl is overweight and that is why they are even bigger they should not be telling the girl about it directly, contact the parents and offer some help or resources if there is an actual health problem involved. If she has large breast but still isn't wearing a bra then perhaps the school nurse should contact the parents and talk to them and give some suggestions about getting her a few bras etc. if they don't seem to be taking the anitiative themselves,

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