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by NoraDun
November 8, 2012 at 6:44 AM

Well ladies, this cycle certainly didn't go as planned! I upped my Metformin to 2,000mg and did 50mg of Clomid cd 3-7 again. I decided not to temp or test but when cd 14 came along and I didn't have any signs of ovulation I decided to try out an opk. So I used opks from cd 14-cd 19. On Cd 19 I got my positive opk (Just when I had given up hope I was going to O!) I look at it as kind of a blessing that I didn't O on cd 14 because Hubby wasn't in the mood to bed. But he got into it by Monday. So we bed morning and night on cd 16, morning cd 18, morning cd 20, and morning cd 21. I got my positive on CD 19 around 7pm. I believe I ovulated sometime on cd 20. So I am 1 dpo and so excited and hopeful for this cycle. I am very pleased with how bedding went, how often we got to bed, etc. I am just so hopeful that this will be our cycle. I am gonna do my best to relax this cycle and just enjoy the 2ww. We will be pretty busy between now and Thanksgiving, so I am really hoping it helps me get through!! My goal is not to test until Thanksgiving day, which will be 13/14dpo. FX that this is a great cycle, with a great finish :) I will keep everyone posted!

1 DPO-Slightly crampy. CM is creamy. CP has dropped some (medium) partially open and firm. Fatigued.

2 DPO-Crampy. CM is creamy. Increase in CM. CP is low firm closed. Fatigued. And Moody!! 

3 DPO-CM is extremely thick, globy, and sticky, CP is high soft and closed. I am still moody! And a little tired. But otherwise I feel good!! I am excited for the next week. I have so much to do I am hoping it takes my mind off the 2ww!! Excited for Thanksgiving :)

This evening I had some nausea. I know I can't expect it to be pregnancy related but it makes me hopeful. I had no nausea my last 2 ww!! I also have had an increase in urination and diarrhea

4 DPO- So far so good today!! Feel pretty good. Boobs ach off and on but not to the touch. Sleepy but I didn't sleep well last night. CM is dry globy sticky, and my CP is medium high soft and closed. My moods been generally good. Just excited and ready for the 2ww to be over! Hopefully it ends in my BFP and not AF. I have also had an increase in urination!

5 DPO- My boobs are killing me, I MEAN KILLING ME! And my boobs normally ach but they dont hurt to the touch, I am praying that is a great sign :) And I have been really crampy all day. Like period cramps. With a thick white CM. Oh I hope this is our cycle!! CP is med high, firm, and closed. Oh and I still have the increase in urination. The way I see it if these continues I will definately get my hopes up with out a BFP this month LOL

6 DPO-Boobs are still extremely soar, I am still cramping ALOT, and I totally feel like progesterone is kicking my butt. BUT I am excited to be entering the implantation stage. Between now and 12 dpo things could get really exciting....I HOPE SO!!!! Cervix is high, closed, and firmed today. And CM is kinda thick EWCM but with a brown tent to it.

Oh and I forgot off and on severe nausea.

7 DPO-AND I HAVE HAD SOME SERIOUS cramping. I mean PAINFUL!!  I have been cramping off and on since I Od, but each day seems to get more intense and today was the worst. It actually stopped me in my tracks a few times on my kids field trip today. Lots of all over cramps, and some light pains around my left ovary and more severe sharp pains in the front of my uterus. Is this normal??I am trying to firgue out if I should call my Dr or not. Along with the intense cramping which isn't my 2ww norm. I have had intense breast tenderness. It was so bad last night I couldn't even lay on my breast which has NEVER been the case for me. EVER. I have occasional breast tingling or shooting pains but nothing that physically hurts to the touch. I also had put on a panty liner today because last night my CM had a brownish tint to it, and sure enough my panty liner had like brown on it. Like my discharge is slightly brown. Its not noticable when I wipe, just when I check my CM and on the pad. And when I checked a few minutes ago my CM was just white. Aside from that I am tired, and peeing a lot. Which isn't really unnormal for me. OH Hubby and I have been fussing for two days because something smells in our car. He kept saying he didn't smell it. I smelled it so strongly that I was almost puking. He just started smelling it today and said that its something but its not like overwhelmin or intense. So I guess my nose is acting extreme LOL. I totally feel positive about this month, but I am scared I am gonna get excited then end up disappointed :( Well atleast I haven't tested yet. Still ready to hold out until Thanksgiving :) Anyway has anyone had cramps like this during their 2ww? Should I worry :(

8DPO- I attended a long labor and delivery for a friend so I am absolutely exhausted. I noticed some breast pain and cramping off and on during her delivery but gonestly just didn't get the chance to think on it too much!! After watching her labor and deliver I was struck with such a NEED and WANT to experience that again! It hit me so hard like a ton of bricks. Lord I hope this is the month!!

9DP0- My cervix is high kinda soft and EXTREMELY tightly closed I am really hoping its a good sign. I am very exhausted still but feel ok as of right now. I had tried talking myself into testing tomorrow morning but I really really dont want to test so early. So tomorrow I am going to attempt to relax and and avoid testing. Tuesday is busy day so I should be able to avoid it then. The only other day I may be tempted would be Wed morning, but if I cna make it to Wed I can definately hold off and just test THanksgiving morning like I planned!!

10DPO- Well I gave in an tested after Hubby came home and grabbed my boob and I almost killed him. He said it was my producing milk and asking me to test. So I laid down for a nap and tested in the evening and this was what I got! I have been extremely exhuasted the last few days. And my boobs are hurting off and on. I have the occasional cramping but that has let up lately!! I am so hopeful!

11DPO-I am still really exhausted today and I keep finding that I am getting extremely moody at times. And I dont know why I just still am not really getting enough sleep. I am getting atleast 8 hrs at night, and then by about noon I need a nap. I am so ready to know whats up. Can't wait to test!!

12DPO- Its been an interesting day. I have had some cramping, some breast pain, some stuffiness, and even some nausea. I am just praying tomorrow gives me my BFP. I tested today after holding my urine about 1 or 1 1/2 hrs and I got a faint line. But I am not sure its trust worthy!! I am so reay to find out in the morning. So I will be testing early!! FX its my BFP!! Here is a pic of todays test!

13DPO- Frer this morning was negative. So I am out!! I am pretty disappointed. But I keep trying to remind myself that God is in control. I am waiting on my Dr to call me Monday to let me know what the next step is. But I think I am done TTC. I just have to decide how done I am. I will update on Monday how that call goes.

Trying to have a good Thanksgiving but any moment I have to think leaves me bursting into tears. I just checked my cervix and I had a spot of blood. Had a spot yesterday too. Kinda suprised to be seeing spotting since I normally have a 14 day LP. But it looks like it will be a 12 or 13 day LP now depending on if I start tonight or tomorrow. Just a little more depressing to go with an already depressing day! 

CD 1- And the witch showed. I did ok until Hubby asked if we could go visit his mom. I couldn't say no, he didn't see her on Thanksgiving. So we went, and I got to watch and listen to these young women, cussing, and talking about what boys they wanted to screw. I got to watch them getting drunk infront of their little boys (maybe 15 mns and 3). I had to listen to Hubby's niece talk about what all she would do once she got this baby out of her. And who she was gonna beat up and how she was going to jail. And then right infront of me, she said well you know I am gonna just give this baby to some rich white folks to raise, and my MIL and SIL, and everyone else in the room started yelling at her, saying yea right, and you better not, etc. I had to walk out. I was so mad, and even more upset Hubby didn't stick up for me and say something to them. If I walked up in the house and said black folks shouldn't be able to raise white babies all hell would break loose. But they can be all ugly an negative about white people raising black babies. Meanwhile there were 4 babies in that house, with everyone smoking cigarettes, and cussing, and drinking. And they kept yelling and spanking the kids, and why....because they were being kids. They got mad and spanked the one baby (maybe 15 mns) because he was playing with stuff. Well they had not one toy for the kids to play with. It was just pathetic. I had to leave. So not 15 min after we got there we left. I told Hubby I am sorry, but I never want to go back. I dont want our kids around that. He said he knew and he was sorry and had he knew other people were there we wouldn't of gone. But I am done with that family. They are all sick people and none of them deserve the ability to have children. So anyway I am getting passed the fact I failed again this month, but seeing more ignorant people just really got me so depressed!! And I am so over race being the reason they wont allow me or Hubby to help with these babies. Its just so depressing! So now we are starting a new cycle. I wont find out until Monday if we will do Clomid this next cycle or not. But I will keep everyone posted!


Here are the pics:

1st picture CD19 7pm OPK (positive)

2nd picture CD19 4pm OPK

3rd picture CD19 Top (11am test) Bottom (2pm test)

4th picture CD18 Bottom (2pm test) CD17 Top (2pm test)



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