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Stones into Schools By Greg Mortenson
July 11, 2011 at 9:00 PM

Ok so i know that this book and his first book "Three Cups of Tea" isn't about parenting at all... but i had to bring up this book to my fellow LAMPers!

Greg Mortenson founded The Central Asia Insistute after  an unsuccessful attempt at climbing K2 in Pakistan and getting lost. He found his way to a small village high in the Karakoran Range. as he was recovering from his periless journey he watched as some of the village's children were writing in the dirt and promised them that he would come back and help them build a school.  He did indeed fullfill his promise to those children and since 1993 he has continued to build schools in central asia's most povertry stricken regions.  As of 2011 his organization  has estabilished or significantly supported 171 schools in Pakistan and Afghanistan, in the most volatile areas. By doing this he and his orgnaization has allowed 68,000 children to have an education... of those children 54,000 are girls.

The best way to secure the world from terrorism...is to promote an un biased, non religious, well rounded education.  With education, there is hope.

I just found this book to be exciting and interesting! Mortenson recounts tales of his most recent adventures into afghanistan in the attempt to bring education to it's children. He meets many interesting people along the way, many of whom before his closest friends.

It's just a great book! I read the whole whole in 24 hours, i could not put it down!!!  I'm itching to read his frist book "Three Cups of Tea" and i am considering buying the young reader's version of it and giving it to my daughter Kaitlyn (10) to read.  There is also a picture book called "Listen to the Wind" that helps younger children understand his story and work with the children of these countries.

Anyways.. I recommend this book to every one of you!!! read it!!!

Stones into Schools

Pennies for Peace

Central Asia Institute


  • Imamom4sure
    August 12, 2011 at 9:34 PM

    I love books about education and parenting, sound great!  and I totally agree with the premise, that its important to give children an education of openmindedness. :)

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