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Tell me your proposal story!
January 23, 2013 at 8:01 AM

I've recently been thinking aobut the multitude of ways a proposal can happen and how sweet some of them can be, so I want to hear yours!

My DH is in the Army, and at the time he was stationed in Korea. I knew it was coming but he had special things planned. One day at his mom's house, I Skyped him, and he watched as his mom and my DD brought out a beautiful dark cherry wood jewelry box, with music, and on the top was a mother-of-pearl design. The design was cranes, something I didn't realize until months later, and is sweet because our last name is Crane. My DD handed me the key to the lock, and when I opened it was the most GORGEOUS ring, and a letter. I read the letter, cried (inside it told me how he loved me, what he wanted for our future, and that in addition to loving me, he loved DD too), and then put on the ring. He told me he had wanted to record a video of him getting down on one knee in Korea and proposing to the camera, but the weather hadn't cooperated so he had to do it this way.

(If these aren't cranes, do NOT burst my bubble)


  • bpryce
    by bpryce
    January 23, 2013 at 8:05 AM

    aw thats sweet! I didnt get an official proposal, we just talked about getting married and then decided to go shopping for rings. It all happened pretty fast. I like that I got to pick out my rings :-)

  • Hanab818
    January 23, 2013 at 8:09 AM

    We had just discussed his option of staying with border patrol or reenlisting. I said if he did bp I would move to Texas with him no problem. But if he terminated I would preferred to be married since they are unpredictable as to where he could be stationed. I didn't want to risk him being stationed somewhere over seas and me not be able to go with him for a while. So on Thanksgiving we were living around in bed and waiting for dinner and he said sooo wanna get married. I said if you ask my for my mother's blessings I'll give you my answer. He did she was Happy and we were married a year later. That is my engagement ring.
  • funhappymom
    January 23, 2013 at 9:41 AM

    What a beautiful way to propose. I love the jewelry box, it's beautiful.

    DH proposed to me after the stroke of midnight on New Year's Eve/Day. We both had a really bad year the previous year and he wanted to start our year off right. It worked, we've been married 13 1/2 years :)

  • bamababe1975
    January 23, 2013 at 11:58 AM

     That's really sweet and the ring is beautiful. Mine just kind of sprang it on me, "Hey, wanna be my wife?" and that was that, lol.

  • mommaslilmen
    January 23, 2013 at 12:07 PM

    There is a farm here that sets up lights that corespond to the music and has a Santa like village with animals and shops at Christmas time. I had never been walking around it and my now df wanted to take me on Christmas eve.

    Christmas eve came and he just could not wait to go to the farm, but his sister and bil were watching the Lions game. When we finally got there they suggested us take pictures, them first showing off their Lions jerseys since the team just won a game, and then us. In the middle of the village taking pictures, he got down on one knee and asked me to be his forever.

    *just after he asked me

    We went back this year on Christmas eve, despite the rain, just to stand in the same spot and promise to love eachother no matter what.

  • rwebb11
    by rwebb11
    January 23, 2013 at 12:07 PM
    He told me to get dressed up fancy we were going out for dinner. (He owed me so I didn't think twice) we ended up going to Red Lobster on New Years Eve. He brought in a present for me. It was a beautiful teal and brown bible with my married name on it. Inside it said "will you Marry me?" When I looked back up, he was standing there with a ring and got down on one knee and asked me.
  • TempestRayne
    January 23, 2013 at 12:12 PM
    We had just looked at a house we both liked and were out by his Jeep. He opened the door for me and I said "How about we get married?" He got so pissed off at me, I thought I blew it. I was very pregnant at the time (with my now two year old) and was fighting tears when He says "you aren't supposed to do that! You aren't supposed to ask me to marry you five seconds before I ask you to marry me!" Awkward happy silence follows.
  • music_n_theatre
    January 23, 2013 at 12:51 PM

    My now husband and I had already discussed getting married even though we hadn't been together for long according to the world's standards, but it felt right.  So I knew it was coming, and he is TERRIBLE at keeping secrets and I'm really good at reading people, so I had a feeling that he was going to propose to me on my birthday.  We went to dinner at Olive Garden with my parents who met us there.  We were seated across from the kitchen, but it was a nice table.  After we had finished our dinner, a server came out from the kitchen with this huge cake and my mom started singing "Happy Birthday".  The whole restaurant was looking at what was happening.  When the cake got closer, I realized that the alphabet candles did not say Happy Birthday.  They said "Will you marry me?"  I looked over, and Scott was getting down on one knee.  I started crying.  He pulled out this HUGE  costume ring and asked me to marry him.  It was really funny and cute.  I thought to myself "well, I guess we're going shopping for a ring later..."  He got back up and sat next to me and my mom was snapping pictures and we were smiling and kissing.  Then about five minutes later he says "Oh, I have something else for you."  He gets back down on his knee and pulls out a ring box with the most beautiful ring I had ever seen!  Then after dinner we went and told his mom.  It was a wonderful day :)  Oh, and it was also my Golden Birthday! (turned 26 on the 26th)

  • MommieSDW
    January 23, 2013 at 1:04 PM

    We went up to Mount Ellinor with the kids. I didn't suspect anything because he invited my brother and nephew to come along. Then at the top (before the trail to the summit) he pulled over by a waterfall. He had gone mountain climbing there recently and wanted to show me something. So we went over to what he was trying to "show me" and under the waterfall, he got on his knee and pulled out a ring. That's when I noticed my brother was recording it and they had been in on it. It was pretty epic as far as proposals go. 

  • Page98
    by Page98
    January 23, 2013 at 1:13 PM

    My SO's proposal was in a hospital. lol.

    He had the ring custom made in May while we were vacationing in Italy by a good friend of his- little did I know I conceived our DD during that trip. He was planning to propose in July for our anniversary, however shortly after returning to the states, he was diagnosed with a brain tumor. The next couple of months were a roller coaster. He proposed in the hospital.

    When they told him it was terminal and he had only a few months left, we married, had a honey moon and 2 months before I had DD he passed.

    It wasnt the most romantic proposal, but it was love.

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