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Is This Socially Acceptable?
April 3, 2012 at 1:50 AM

 I'm curious?

I threw a party on Sunday with a bunch of friends. We were all sitting around talking after dinner and just hanging out. I'm pretty sure one of my friends was talking about something so I was focusing on her she was the only one sitting to my right. At one point I just looked back at everyone else who were all on my left only to see 2 people on their cell phones on FB. 

I seriously felt like taking their phones! Here we are a group of friends chatting it up laughing having a great time and your on your cell phones checking a social site?! How much more social can you get than being in a group of people who are ON your facebook! Like hello they're not posting because they're here and being social and not playing on FB! I totally called them on it though and everyone got a nice giggle but honestly I want to do these get togethers every month and I'm considering a no cell phone rule. Leave it at the door leave it in a bucket or something if it rings you can answer it but NO FB, no net, no texting. You in a room full of people BE SOCIAL its a lost art! 

Think that would be rude? Could you go 2 and a half hours without checking FB obsessively?? Could you put your phone away for that long? Do you think we're coming to a place where this is socially acceptable in situations?

I seriously think their both addicts! I know I am but I can go a good 8 hours before I start getting the cold sweats and shakes. LOL. Last year I went 4 days on vacation no phone no net it was difficult the first night but after that it was easy. Could you do it?

Let me just say that we all had a laugh. The bucket is something I saw on pinterest and while I have considered doing it it would be more of a gag and those who want to part take in that. Not a necessary or a mandatory. While two have already supported the suggestion of it. My friends and I can laugh about these kinds of things without it being a controling or dramatic thing I promise you! I'm more or less disappointed that life has become more about whats going on online but not in person in reality right in front of you ya know? But by no means am I upset or angry with them. This post was made in fun. 


  • workoutmom2b1g
    April 13, 2012 at 9:22 PM

    They should out law them on any scout, boy or girl camping trip, but there will be some parent whos kid HAS to have their cell. I would say, I have one and they can us mine in dire need. NO camp etc should allow any of this in my opinion. KIDS need to CHECK OUT too!!

  • shennaann
    April 15, 2012 at 2:46 AM
    And yet, here we are, all on CM complaining about social media and networking. Some of us might be at work, stuck in traffic, at a boring social gathering or suffering from insomnia *that'd be me*.

    One of two things happened at your get together, 1.Your friend was bored or 2.You weren't as close as you thought.

    I say this because when I hang out with my close friends, we have fun together. We live in the modern world, so time to time someone might pull their phone out to say "Did you see this youtube video?!" Or "I found the coolest thing on Pinterest, we should do this with the kids". However most of the time we are enjoying the company of friends.

  • 1stpreggers
    April 15, 2012 at 2:48 AM
    I get mad when ppl do it too especially during meals and @ public places .

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