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Meet MOMpreneurs Here and Introduce Yourself
August 1, 2010 at 3:38 AM

Welcome to the MOMpreneurs Cafe! Please introduce yourself here by sharing a little about you, your interests, favorite quotes, what you do, favorite books or anything you would like for us to know!

A MOMpreneur is a MOM + Entrepreneur. If you are Mom who truly wants success and is willing to do what it takes to achieve that... you are definitely in the right place! Happy to have you here and look forward to creating a beautiful MOMpreneur Community here!


  • xanderjsmom
    April 2 at 10:38 PM

    Hi Everyone. My name is Donnie and I have a 12-year old son name Alexander (Xander for short) Yes, a pre-teen!! (thank goodness he's my ONLY child. LOL) 

    My business is Wake Up Now, a wonderful program where I recieve valuable discounts on shopping, food, travel and also learn how to save money and budget my money. I connect with others and teach them how to do the same thing and earn residual income. My website is Or, feel free to inbox me here or at and we can definitely talk. I would love to help you. :) Be blessed. 

  • tashawnanicole
    April 4 at 12:52 PM

    Hello fellow MOMpreneurs!

    My name is Tashawna, I am wife and I have a beautiful vibrant three year old daughter. I currently own a women's boutique online at and will be launching my Spring line April 26, 2014!

    I also am apart of 5LINX an opportuntiy that allows us to help individuals live extraordinary lives. At the age of 26 years old, I have the amibitious goal to reach $1 million a year in sales from either or both of my companies; I believe that with the right influence, passion and ambition I will make it there! 

  • thegiftguru
    April 5 at 8:50 PM

    Hello Everyone!

    I'm Rachael and I'm new to being a MOMpreneur but I'm so excited!  A little about me first... I'm a mom of two boys, Philip (age 4) and Owen (age 1.5) and I love them to death! There the reason why I'm pursuing being a MOMpreneur! I'm currently a FT salaried manager but every night once everyone is in bed and anytime I'm talking to someone I am promoting my business Rachael's Great Gifts! I'm a gift consultant with La Bella Baskets it has been a blessing to my life! My goal is to work La Bella Baskets all the time to eventually not have to work FT so I can be home with my boys.  Philip will be in K4 in August and Owen will be two by then!

    My website is

    My FB Page:

    My Blog is:

    When I not working, I'm spending time with my boys, shopping (occasionally), or reading a good book when time permits.  I can't say again, I love my boys and I love life! I wouldn't have it any other way!

    Have a wonderful evening!


  • pebblescocoa64
    April 7 at 9:10 AM

    Good morning ladies,  Today, is the day to start a new journey and make a difference in someone's life. Everyone is beautiful. Show how you can make a person inner beauty shine to the outside for everyone to see. Be part of the two causes that is huge in the world.....Breast Cancer and Domestic Violence. Think what a difference you can make in these ladies lives or somebody you know that is going through it.

    Join me and be part of my team. use reference code: zmiller26  or a customer contact me:

  • nikkilm_17
    Monday at 2:43 PM


    My name is Nichole and im 28 years old. I am getting married this fall and have a 3 year old little boy. I am an Indepent Team BeachBody Coach! Beachbody has many different workout programs that you can do from your very own home. Which worked wonders for me because as you other moms can relate squeezing time in the gym is often hard! They also have Shakeology which is a wonderful product that I drink daily. I love being a coach and being there for others who have & are struggling with weight loss because I know all about it and have been in their shoes and still am. If you are looking for a workout program to lose weight or even just tone up private message me or visit my website.

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