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Need ideas for a Construction Theme Party.....PLEASE HELP ME....
June 16, 2010 at 4:21 PM

 Hello ladies, I am having a construction theme party for my little man who will be turning 3yrs old...Our funds are pretty tight right now so I am starting the planning process a little early.  His party is at the end of July...I have made his invites on my computer and bought his goodie bags, my lil sis is a cake decorator so I don't have to worry about that she has it under control...  But here's my issue...I don't know what I should put in the good bags both boys and girls are coming.  I don't know if I should have games?  I really am at a loss...My son loves construction trucks and he just wants his party to be construction trucks...Please help if you can....Thanks a big bunch...


  • jjcaj
    by jjcaj
    June 27, 2010 at 10:59 AM

    I just did a construction theam last week, I made the cake myself by taking little plastic construction vicials and had the back hoe diging in the cake, The steam roller was rolling sunflower seads out and made it look like a road, I found building block (legos) candies and my sun built a small thing out of them and we put that on the cake.  I found candy rocks that the dump truck was hauling.  some games you cam play are bingo, you can find pictures of different trucks online or even use stickers use nine different ones and place indifferent spots.  We had easy cards so that everyone wone and they all got them filled at once.  We also did a scavenager hunt and had the older ones help the younger ones.  Our clues were - a place where you like to dig with your trucks - behind something that goes around and around and mommy drives it. ect.  I also took two empty boxes and covered with construction rapping paper and made a bean bag toss.  I  used our plasitc dump trucks to serv food in.  One I made a snicker salad or dirt cake in the other I used to hold the fruit.  I lined them with plastic rap first.  I even bought two new shovels and used them as spoons. in the gift bags I put some of the lego candies (a big hit) and a assortment of other items not all with the "Theam".  Hope you have a fun bday party!!

  • viento
    by viento
    August 28, 2010 at 11:08 AM

    Quoting SanDiegoMaxMom:

    I made these out of diaper boxes for my son's race car birthday.  I cut the bottoms out so they just stepped through  We had a "race" across the yard.  You could easily do construction vehicles.

    Oh I love these!  I have another year before I throw my son a kid party for his b-day but I am def going to consider doing something like this as one of the activities.  Thanks for posting this! 

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