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Old-Fashioned Theme Party
April 25, 2010 at 4:44 PM

My son turned 5 last week, but we haven't had his party yet, due to various illnesses. for he and his brother, birthdays have become stressful as we end up with 3 parties, one with my family, one with the inlaws (b/c they wont attend with my family), and one with our friends who have kids. That means I make 3 cakes plus cupcakes for school and am down right exhausted. I was thinking of a theme, obviously my son want superhero's or trains or footballs, and I usually make elaborate cakes, with matching decor and favors, but here's my thought...

An Old Fashioned (or traditional party) before everything got so merchandised. I am going to make newspaper hats, homemade playdough for the party- and kids can take as favors, making a large bucket of bubbles. The kids can play in the backyard, possibly some organized games, then cake and I am thinking home made ice cream, or a sundae bar... Possibly hot dogs on the grill and chips and for favors, playdough and maybe let the kids plant a plant...

Anyone else have any simple party ideas???


  • soccerjunki
    April 25, 2010 at 8:26 PM

     if you are really wanting simple, then I wouldn't make the ice cream , I would just buy it ..LOL..

    My kids have never had over the top b-day parties,I always make their cakes, and it is centered more around fun and family and friends. ( Oh and food too haha)

    my step kids mother always tries to out do us with these huge silly parties, but now we have custody of 2 of the boys, and they talk about my simple cakes..and the tradition of Birthday pancakes that my family has that have gotten used to , it is those things they talk about,..not the parties they get from their mom.

    I think Your idea of simplifying is wonderful! ALL kids love bubbles!!..I think for the favors..give them a little bottle of their own and some candy with the play dough..and you are good to go.

    I am not sure how old your other kids are, but most kids LOVE Twister..pin the tail on the donkey, I--spy, musical chairs, dancing around a May -pole..there are many, but I am going blank....

    Hope some of these help...

  • KristinaO129
    April 27, 2010 at 12:47 PM

    I also think your idea of simplifying is fabulous! I too (like many creative people) have too often tried to go all out, making everything match, going crazy with themes, to the point of exhaustion then I can't really enjoy myself at the party... I too have learned over time, simple is often better in many ways -- the kids aren't going to care much if the plates, decorations, & favors all mached, especially if mom was too frazzeled to have fun. They will however remember the memories of having a fun time with friends & family. For one of my son's favorite parties, I made plain cupcakes & put out several decorating supplies & the guests made "decorate-your-own-cupcake". I also asked the guests on the invitation to bring a plain T-shirt they could paint on (I made sure to have a few extras for those who forgot), & we had a shirt painting station where I had fabric paints, stencils & various supplies for them to paint their own shirts with. You can always put out the fixings for a make-your-own taco bar, sundae bar, or anything else that works for you & your child. I love the idea of the old-standby games... pin-the-tail, musical chairs, etc. -- even though some of these games may seem "old-fashioned" to us, they probably aren't for our kids. Most importantly, just enjoy the day!!!



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