First time breastfeeders

January 2, 2009 at 2:31 PM

hello,i am new here. my name is Christine.i have been a member of two other bf groups also that i love.i am new at bf although i do have 4 4th ds is my success.i did some bf with my other 3 ds but with the lack of knowledge,support and guidence i gave up within a week or so.and i felt like a failure and was heartbroken as i always wanted to bf and didnt relize that it wasnt as easy as i thought and actually needed i was determined with my4th and switched hosp. to a more bf friendlier hosp. and just for this made a huge difference.i took a bf class at the hosp, and talked to the consults there,and read and read.turns out i have a fast let down and an over supply.and my first 3 would just cry and let go all the time and i never knew what the problem was.i am now dealing with it and my ds is very used to it here i am very happy and very proud that i am bf him.he will be 6m on the 18th.i look forward to learning with you all and thanks in advance for all your i post alot and i am still learning and have many questions still.



First time breastfeeders

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