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Refunding Enrollment Fees for Moms that want to work with Ameriplan
January 2, 2009 at 1:42 PM
Are you getting frustrated looking for a JOB and finding that everyone wants you to pay to get started? 

I understand completely because I was there.  I was there searching tirelessly looking for a job that would just hire me and pay me for the hours that I put in.
Truth is...  a job from home is very hard to come by and even if you find one, it's not all peaches and cream.  (I ended up finding one.  I also quit after 2 weeks.) 

I've now been with Ameriplan for 2 years.  I'm making nearly $50,000 a year with this company and I only work about 10 hours a week.  TEN HOURS A WEEK!!  I only made $32,000 a year as a senior collector in a world wide corporate office 40 hours a week.  Now, I'm at home with my kids and working during nap times.
If you haven't read about me, you can do that here: www.CreatingFreedomAtHome.com/about.
To read the complete details about working with us, CLICK HERE.

Enroll now to take advantage of my offer to refund your $95 enrollment fee....PLUS Receive an ADDITIONAL $100 CASH BONUS!!!
I will refund your $95 when you obtain your 1st promotion in your 1st 30 days.  I will get you enrolled in our mentorship program to help you out with that promotion too!! (No cost to you!!)  This offer is only open to those that are serious.  I am looking for LEADERS to add to my team.  I am looking for people that want to make a serious business that will pay them for the rest of their lives.  Not everyone that starts working at home is serious or really wants to WORK. 
Contact me to get your questions answered.

PM me on CafeMom: workathomemama
IM me on Yahoo: ChristinaWiler
IM me on AOL: ChristinaWiler
Call me: 260-918-3614
Looking forward to talking to you soon!!! 


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LEGITIMATE Work at Home Jobs or Home Business

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