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Are you ready for Sandy?
October 27, 2012 at 12:54 AM

 Are you ready for Hurricane Sandy?  I recall hurricanes that have hit the New England area, but that was before it was so heavily populated as it is now.  This storm is different in that it has a massive blast of the cold jet stream AND a cold low pressure area behind it.  Cold low plus a warm tropical low, add those together with a coastline that becomes very shallow, you have a mess.  Not only flooding, high winds, tornadoes, you could have thunder snow which is the craziest of all forms of weather patterns.

Please prepare now for this storm.  Even if you over prepare now, and it is a bust, you have done the best you can to prepare for the worst.  You will be without electricity for weeks.  So, if you have a well, then you have no pump, please have water on hand to drink and prepare food, and enough water for sanitation.  Make sure you have enough non perishable food on hand for every person, all ages, for at least a week, dry cereal, canned beans, fruit and meats. (tuna and vienna sausages)  This is not banquet food, just survival food.  Make sure you have important documentation, insurance policies, flood policies, proof of ownership papers, I.D.'s that show you live on X street, so you are able to go back to your neighborhood to retrieve any property left.  Take pictures of your home and auto NOW, to prove to the insurance company and FEMA you really did have a nice place to live and your car is really NOT a sail boat.  Don't forget medication, baby supplies, diapers and formula and clothing.  Be prepared not only to stay dry, but to stay warm.  After the tropical warm air leaves, there will be cold air from the dipping jet stream behind this mess, so with no power, you won't be able to run heating systems.  There also could be broken pipes so turning on the gas or oil burner would not be safe.  Get together blankets and jackets, boots, etc. to keep your family and yourself warm. 

I  live off the Gulf of Mexico and have seen what a winter hurricane can do.  I have also seen what even a Category 1 or 2 can do.  DO NOT underestimate this storm.  DO NOT go and watch the high waves.  There is also a full Moon, which will make high tides even higher.  If you are told to evacuate, do so without reservation.  Because you have already prepared your 'bug out' bag, listed above.  I keep all of my emergency items packed in a large cooler that can be drug behind me, it has wheels.  Don't forget your pets.  Make sure you have their shot records and a leash or crate to keep them in, again, if you have to evacuate.  Don't leave them behind.  If you have a storm radio, leave it on.  NOAO radio will keep you posted as to storm movement.  Flashlights, forget candles, remember potential gas leaks.

I sound like the voice of doom, being prior military and having lived through seasons of these storms for decades, I take them very seriously.  This will be a lot like Katrina.  Massive storm, heavy population area, at or below sea level shoreline, and a huge storm.  So, don't put your life and that of those you love on the line, prepare now.  Have some cash on hand, a full tank of fuel in the car, no power no ATMs and no gas pumps.  Find some land line phone, cell towers will be down, too. 

I wish you all the best of luck.  Please post here as soon as you can.  It maybe weeks, but I will look for you. 


  • MomTiara19
    October 28, 2012 at 1:38 PM

    Awhh thankyou so much for this info.

    Yes we are all prepared.We had 2 storms last year around the same time.


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