Conquering HUGE Home Projects

it's been 2 weeks...i NEED a bathroom door!
May 3, 2007 at 6:05 PM
i am really getting stressed.

2 weeks ago tomorrow we "started" remodeling our bathroom. We own a 2 bedroom mobile home. We had noticed a small leak behind the shower wall and a dubious soft-spot in the floor last fall. Due to funding our plans got put off until we had to wait till spring (winter in MN is NOT a good time to tear a house open)

That first day he was "Just going to look" at the damage and "maybe do the floor around the toilet"

So he peeled up the tiles and found that we could push right through the rotten wood underneath! the tiles were holding the whole darn floor together!

So he starts smashing/digging the floor.. Which we oddly discovered was made of something like pallets pieces together like a puzzle with rolled of pieces of (obviously original from the house) carpet STAPLED inside it....

So he's smashing and bashing and swearing and the pile do i describe what it looked like? Have you ever seen a dead tree laying in the forest and when you kicked it, it dissolved into a pile of dusty debris? That's what the ENTIRE floor did. it was a dusty PILE on the ground- not chunks.

Pretty soon he's peeling up the siding and knocking out the lower outer wall, Then the supports UNDER the trailer by the bathroom.

I am watching all this proceed with quiet DISMAY= THIS is soooooooooooo much bigger then we were anticipating..... So i jokingly asked when he was going to quit smashing up my house- He looked at me dead seriously and said "When i find something solid to nail too- i have to START somewhere...." Uh-Oh...

It was right around 3 am when he got done just with the demoing part... There was a HOLE in the side of my house and No FLOOR- i mean ALL THAT WAS LEFT WAS FRAME RAILS. No tub/shower, no sink, no toilet. Thankfully we have friendly neighbors

Did i mention that he started this project WITHOUT asking me? Which meant i couldn't set up help, or a sitter, or check the forecast... That's right it started raining that night, and rained for 3 days. for his part- he did work in the rain, though it would've been much easier not to have to

The next day he started putting it back together where he promised with the toilet. It was in and working by that night- you just had to balance across framerails and plywood to get there- and then wonder what was watching you though the open floor from under the dark house....

The next couple of days they got the floor in- not tiles, just in. and the tub back. Then the sink set up and hooked up.

We started painting cuz i wanted to get that done before the new floor and fixtures and such.

Then he decided to make recessed shelves and tore into the GOOD wall..... So i can't finish painting till the shelves are sanded and trimmed......

So we still need to finish shelves, painting, shower stall, and put the door on (that's last)....

Yesterday he decided to put on the shower stall so i can SHOWER (i HATE washing my long hair in the bathtub!).. He wasn't back there more than 20 minutes when he came scurrying out here looking pale and green around the gills- i asked if he felt sick (this is semi-common due to his poor eating habits)
He said "No, i hurt my back" ok, i thought big deal- he has a bad back and he's sore and being a baby......... Like a 15 minutes later he was still on the couch- and i was like "Does it really hurt that bad?" and he looked at me all big-eyed and said "No, I REALLY hurt my back- come feel" uh-oh again.

So i go feel, he's skinny so i feel bump,bump,bump (vertebrae) NO BUMP FOR 2 INCHES, bump,bump,bump

shit. I called the chiro and got him in this morning= they did xray, creme, adjustment (only his neck would crack) and 1/2 hour of the electrocute thing (giant TENS unit) felt better a couple hours but now miserable again- NO BENDING OR LIFTING he goes back on Monday and they're thinking Slipped Disk! he's 25 years old.

SO YEA. No door on bathroom- have to announce to whole house when you are going to go potty so as not to get "caught" accidentally. and now who KNOWS when he'll be able to work (not as quickly as he THINKS he will be!) on it. And next Wednesday i go in to oral surgeon and get all my top teeth pulled and get upper denture!!! SO DOUBLE STRESS! Then my mom said my dad fell out of a tree yesterday and hurt HIS BACK! EEK!

I no longer care if i have a nice bathroom or not- JUST FINISH THE DAMN THING! i was so excited- now i'm so freaked out!

Ok sorry this got so long- I sincerely hope that your home improvements go MUCH better than mine did....

Have a good day!

aka Serianna


    May 4, 2007 at 2:01 PM
    Wow!!!! You poor thing. I hope all goes well soon for you. Hopefully you get exactly what you want and that will ease a little of the pain and frustration. Good luck!

Conquering HUGE Home Projects

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