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IDENTITY THEFT IT COULD HAPPEN TO YOU, OR HAS IT ALREADY? read this if you are planning on getting a home improvement loan
by Snooze
April 28, 2007 at 1:55 PM

Countrywide Home Loans - Full Spectrum Lending openly admits that some of their employees have been known to run credit reports of ex-spouses & their new significant others; with no repercussion on the employee for committing identity theft & violating the Fair Credit Report Act. A Fraud Investigator at the Chandler AZlocation advised me that my situation was not the first he has investigated. My husbands ex-wife who works for Countrywide pulled our reports without permission. NOTHING was done to the employee who also admitted openly to running our credit reports to the fraud investigator, clearly IDENTITY THEFT. How can Countrywide knowing all of this & has the evidence before them allow employees to continue employment even after being caught?! I also have provided them evidence of the same employee who STOLE my information also provided a screen shot of her computer; & in that screen shot that had her personal business also had an open credit report of a third party. That was sent via email to a disinterested 3 party. So now I have this woman's name, social security number, date of birth, and various accounts she holds with different companies. So if anyone knows a Bridgette Jones in Texas who is 31 with a September birthdate... I have your information and want you to know!!! I want to spread the word about Countrywide's knowledge of it's employees obtaining credit information with out permissible purpose, which is a violation of the fair credit reporting act and a violation of privacy. And that they allow this carelessness to continue of sending off your personal information "by accident". Identity Theft is huge in our Country and a HUGE company is helping their employees commit it!!! Also how safe is your information when applying for a loan with such a company? Apparently not so safe if it is being emailed to third parties like Ms. Bridgette Jones information was emailed carelessly to us.


  • lomakuwa
    September 2, 2007 at 10:17 AM
    Very Scary thought. Wonder how many other companies out there are just as careless with their information.

Conquering HUGE Home Projects

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