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Changes to my mediction regimen (kinda long) that you might be interested in
March 19, 2008 at 12:15 PM
     Some of you may have read in other groups that I was able to wean my  13 month old son from breastfeeding to regular milk this month, even though I had really wanted to nurse him til his 2nd birthday - but my original goal was to nurse to a year and we made it to 13 months, so I feel really good about that. My doctors have been trying to get me to wean for months now so that I can try Lyrica, and I had an appointment yesterday with my family practitioner, who agreed to take over my medication management after my rheumatologist referred me to a Pain Management Clinic that my insurance refused to cover, so it was financially impossible for me to use their services and see their doctors. Thankfully, I have a good family practitioner, who is knowledgeable about fibromyalgia and actually keeps up with the latest news and info on it and medications that have been approved for use or are helpful for FM. We went over my current regimen, and he added some things too. As I said in my original post, after years of trying all the non-narcotic meds out there for FM and pain and getting no relief, my doctor finally put me on a narcotic med regimen, and here is what I was on before yesterday that had been prescribed by my rheumatologist: Duragesic Patch 100 mcg, change every 48 hours, Lortab 10mg up to 3 times a day for break-thru pain, Ambien 10 mg as needed, Zanaflex 4 mg up to 3 times a day as needed, and Lidoderm patches 3 at a time as needed. I also take Synthyroid for hypothyroidism, Wellbutrin XL, and Prilosec for GERD, and the occasional Klonopin 1 mg for panic attacks, when they are severe. I know that is a lot, but when I was prescribed the Dugagesic patch, I felt like I literally had been given my life back - I could get out of bed in the morning with much less pain and stiffness, I did not have to constantly apply Icy Hot to my knees and back during the day, and I have much more stamina and energy. My base pain level went from about a 6 on a good day and a 9 to 10 on a bad day (meaning I basically could not get out of bed and spent they day lying on a heating pad with various heat/cold packs on my knees) to a 4 on a good day and a 6 on a bad day. It was amazing to me, and it was the right choice for the severity of my FM. (DISCLAIMER: I know narcotics are not the right choice for everyone, and I know many people with FM do not think it is right to take them, and I know many doctors do not believe in prescribing narcotics for FM, but every one with FM and every case of FM is different and differs in severity, and should be treated accordingly. Going that route was the right choice for me, but I do not judge anyone who chooses not to take narcotics or who does not think they are appropriate for FM, so I would appreciate the same respect. )

    So back to yesterday, this is what my family practitioner changed about my meds: Duragesic Patch 100 mcg change every 72 hours (because he said that changing them every 48 hours is literally throwing away a days worth of medication and it does not get any more medication into my system, so it doesn't help), Percoset 10-325 up to 3 times a day for break-thru pain, Lyrica 75 mg twice a day for 2 weeks, and if I feel improvement, then 75 mg X2 twice a day, Klonopin 2 mg (because my panic attacks have been getting very severe, the kind where you feel like you are having a heart attack, probably due to stress - long story for another post),, Roserem for sleep, and everything else he kept the same. I feel very positive about the changes, and am just hoping and praying that I do not have any side-effects of the Lyrica that would cause me to stop taking it.

     So here is my question: does anyone take any of these same medications, and if so, what has your experience with them been? I am especially interested to know about Lyrica and Roserem, as they are the 2 newest ones. I know the side-effects of Lyrica can include swelling of hands and feet, weight gain, and dizziness/sleepiness, has anyone had any trouble with any of those? And my doctor told me that the Roserem can cause very vivid dreaming in the first week or so, possibly nightmares, and I am a bit worried about that. I did not take one last night as I fell asleep on my own just fine. But has anyone taken Roserem and experienced that?

     I would appreciate any input or information anyone has about anything I have mentioned, please either reply here or send me a message. I feel like "we are all in this together", and the more information we share with one another will help to educate us all about FM and the treatments for it, and will help us to all support one another thru what can be a very hard and trying syndrome to have.

     I hope you all have a good and comfortable week! Take care, and I look forward to your responses!

Mary Kay


  • flutterby.16
    March 23, 2008 at 2:19 PM
    Mary Kay, I was started out on a vitamin regime that of course didn't work. I have taken many meds before they found the right ones. Oh and Klonopin did nothing for me. Every person is different on how meds work. I have never used any kind of patches. I may have to talk to my pain doctor about that or should I talk to my family doctor? Besides the Fibro and CFIDS, I have Bursitis in my hips and Arthritis in my knees. I am also very stiff when I get out of bed, even my feet hurt.  And I too am keeping the Icy/Hot company in business.

      Here is a list of what I am on now  for all my medical problems:
    Allegra-D for sinus poblems, also food drops for food alergies, a shot for allergies once a week; Xanax to help me through the day and to help me sleep at night; Bumetanida is a diauretic; Calcium-D for my bones; Cymbalta for depression; Exelon to slow down my memorn loss taken with Folic Acid to help the Exelon work; Glimepiride and Insulin for Diabetes; Ibuprophen 800 mg 4 times a day for pain;  Also Lyrica , Zanaflex and Vicodin for pain;  Thank God for Lyrica! It has helped me a lot. I also take Lipator for cholestrol there's more but not for pain.  I am going to save the name of the patches.

    Since I have been on Lyrica ( 2 - 3 times a day,  I do have the swelling. It varies daily But I am  sorry I can't  help you with

  • flutterby.16
    April 16, 2008 at 1:06 AM
    Hi, I have been waiting for you to post an update on how you are doing with the Lyrica. I am taking it also and was wondering  if you had any side effects from it.

    Hope you post soon.


Mom's with Fibromyalgia, MS, or Chronic Fatigue

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