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Df says im boring...
May 9, 2012 at 5:28 PM
He says im not outgoing, and that I dont doo fun things and I am hardly happy, well wtf is there for me to do thats exciting? you hate the people im friend with and your friend hate me! I dont play many sports and wouldn't want to play with him anyways anything we do he turns into a competition that "he can do better" then me at.. Well ok?... Fams always doing cool stuff that I can't go do with them because hes not there, or they are just taking mad shit on him do I dont go so I don't have to hear him bitch later.. I have no friend my she because they party and look for single guys, I have an older couple as friends that I used to see all the tinge I rarely get to see then since me and df got together, he wont go dancing with me, we never go hiking anymore, he works all week everyday comes home and plays his golf game on xbox, I just clean and cook.. We rarely even talk, note hes 43 im 20, ans since the tv got shot off I dont hear much news which is what wer could usually talk about, we used to have sex all the time, and it was great exciting and full of love and fun, now its twice a weekend maybe 3 if im lucky, do anything with me! Id be exciting and happy a freaking puzzle would make me hsppy if you'd just spend sometime with me, or let up on the leash a bit, fix the damn cast so im not always stuck doing the same thing everyday walking on eggshells for your controling crap!

Sorry... Just a vent :/ im fun I just can't show it


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