Machine Embroidery

Not as Tech Savvy as I need to be . YIKES!!!!!
April 14, 2012 at 6:20 PM

Hello to all.

The week that I retired my faithful sewing machine died. I had owned "My Girl" for over 20 years.

I now own a Brother SE400 that I am enjoying but, I am a bit afraid to advance to using software or connecting to my laptop and downloading.

I have been hoping to find a machine embroidery group/club in Delaware for support. Is anyone out there from Delaware?

I am sooooooooooo happy to have found this online group. Thank you CafeMom.



  • Dee_Dee_15
    April 17, 2012 at 9:10 AM

    Pege,  I bought a Brother 1250 in 2010. I bought the PE Lite program which comes with the reader writer card. That is the only way to have any connection with the designs on the computer.  I belong to about 80 groups on Yahoo that all do with machine embroidery.  If you don't have a PE Lite, the computer does not read the design.  I paid $400.00 through the dealer that I bought the machine through because the same program through the Brother site is a lot more.  I just purchased  Sew What Pro, which converts other formats to PES. That program was about $75.00.  I love the set up, because I can go through the usb from the computer to the sewing machine.  I was a big Singer customer before I bought this machine. Now, I wouldn't go back if ya paid me.  I have made 10 wedding gowns on my singer, and lots of assorted other things.  With my Brother, I have made a tag for the stuff I make ....with my signature embroidered on the tag.  It was a bit of a challange, but it came out wonderful.  This group is very quiet, but if you'd like, You can contact me at    Maggie, in NW Ohio.

Machine Embroidery