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Help! Exclusively pumping, tried to breastfeed... and.. what happened?
October 13, 2012 at 2:41 AM

stressed out here. So my daughter was born 5 weeks ago and we had problems latching, and I ended up exclusively pumping and bottle feeding after 8 days because she just wasnt eating enough when she finally would latch on, often improperly.

Anyways. Pumping has been going okay. After a couple weeks, I went from pumping every two hours to 3... and than sometimes 4 or 5 hours... and my supply went from getting 2 1/2 to 3 from each breast, for 1 1/2 each breast. (and I dont pump at night... which I need to do) So I've been trying to get my supply back up by pumping every two hours and once or twice a night.
(by the way, my daughter takes about 2 1/2 to 3 oz per feeding)

THE PROBLEM. Tonight, I tried to breastfeed her, and she fed off one boob for a decent amount of time. And woudlnt take the other breast. So then I go to pump afterward and got practically NOTHING. I thought okay, I can see she may have emptied one breast, but didnt touch the other breast, yet I got almost NOTHING from either. ... than two hours later, I try to breastfeed her again, she eats off one boob okay on and off for ten minutes, wouldnt touch the other, I go to pump and NOTHING comes out either breas?! Just a few little sprays! I'm scared cause I'm on my last bottle that I had in the fridge for her. I have used all my freezer and fridge supply over the last two weeks....

I did NOT think that trying to breastfeed her would SOMEHOW? do this to my supply when I try to pump. She didn't even empty the one breast either times. I thought if anything breastfeeding her would help because it would release oxytocin. I even tried to hand express which didnt go well. What is going on? How is this possible?

I'm not going to try to breastfeed her next time and just pump. She has never been able to get full off just bf'ing and I've had to give her a bottle afterward each time tonight.

Help... I don't want to have to go get formula for the night. I want my milk back! I just want to give her my milk.... I thought WOW she's not doing too bad latching and it should help my supply and it seemed to have done the opposite?


  • AimeeReneV
    October 15, 2012 at 7:53 PM
    With my ds I was only able to nurse him a few times and I had to do the football hold, it was the only way. I pumped until he was almost 8 months and then I just couldn't handle the stress so I put him on formula. With my dd it was also difficult to get her to latch, even with a bottle she has trouble. Her gag reflex is very sensitive and to get a good latch the niple has to go to back of her mouth and to the roof. It took a few Weeks to get things going but eventually she did very well and I still pumped after I nursed. Now that she has been teething and has 2 teeth, she's almost 7 months, I have just been pumping because she has bitten me. Keeping things going with just pumping is very difficult. Milk production is supply and demand so its all about how often you pump, not how long. Pumps don't stimulate the let down the same way as nursing does so you have to work harder at it. You have to make sure you drink lots of water and I have found that when I start to stress about it I produce less. Could just be my perception though. Drs can prescribe something that won't harm you or baby but will increase your milk, ive never used it but I read about it. I understand your situation and I hate pumping every 4 hours, but we mothers endure a lot to keep our kids as healthy as possible :) youll find your groove and what works best for you. If you need some extra support im happy to chat with you :)
  • JoJoBean8
    October 16, 2012 at 2:38 PM

    If she is latching then I would try and nurse her and stop the bottles. 

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