Baby daddy drama

I know this is horrible but i just wish..
April 27, 2010 at 11:09 PM

I just wish my son's bio dad would disappear for good... I took care of xavier for 14 months without him i can go back to it...

He showed up 2 days before christmas and his mother demanded that they had him christmas eve and the day after christmas... I haven't heard from them since april of 2009... and they just come in and demand to have him i told them no.. he has been visiting xavier since on sundays every week..

The several times he missed was because he "forgot" about his son... and the other time his older brother stole the car and didn't show back up till tuesday...

Last night was the finally straw as i asked if he really wanted to be apparent of xaviers life as when he is here he does not acted like he wants anything to do with xavier.. He whines he is tired and it is to early in the morning for him to have to deal with driving and listening to xavier... he comes over at 10am and stays till noon... god he is such an ass... he hasn't spent one night with the child since he was 4 months old and he fucked that one up himself... Xavier came home covered in cuts and i took him to the doctors and they told me they were cat straches so i had to watch him closely since i'm severally allergic to cats.. (mind you since i allowed him to go all of his stuff including himself smelled of cat and i was having asthma attacks left and right i pretty much walked around with my nebulazer strapped to my face) he is trying to tell me i made up the cuts and the fact the doctor agreed not to send xavier back there until they got rid of all animals and he could prove that his family wasn't a threat to xavier...

Seriously he is whining to me about having to wake up at 8:30 in the morning on a sunday to come see his son .... i told him to grow up he is a father he is lucky he doesn't have to wake up at 7:30 every morning after a restless night of no sleep with a sick two year old... he doesn't come over if xavier is sick or comes over if he is sick.. he doesn't even come over if he has a headache anymore...

And he called me a heartless bitch when i asked him if he would willingly allow my DF to adopt xavier even though he would still be allowed to see xavier and call xavier "his"....

He said it himself that when i leave the country he will not be spending me money for child support because he will never see xavier... (even if we allowed him to he couldn't afford a trip to the uk) so what is the point of forcing us to take him to court and be asses and not allow him to see xavier all together... I am not kicking him out of xaviers life i want it to be that if something happens to me and xavier need medicial help and my DF is there that he can have some say....

just arrrrgggggg

ok i feel better... a little


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Baby daddy drama

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