Struggling with addiction, Finding recovery and hope.

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August 12, 2012 at 12:43 PM

That past few months I've been attending Al-anon on a weekly basis. I can't express how much it has helped me tremendously. Not only did it help me better understand the world of addiction, but it helped me understand that I am not alone, and how to take my life back and not be consumed by the addict in your life. I have a few addicts in my life. One is in the process stage of recovery and the others are still in their addiction. I didn't understand the whole the co-dependcy, enabling, and not trying to control it. I had no idea there was several different types of alcoholics.

When I had my problems with pills and alcohol I kept that life pretty secret. I did it, and then stopped it the minute I got pregnant with my son. So I didn't know there was more to it then just "not doing it anymore".

The past few months though I feel like I was just living with my eyes closed on addiction, until I began to attend al-anon and it truly opened my eyes to everything.

I began to read books about addiction, and being a family member of an addict. one of my by far favorite books is the autobiography of Anthony Kiedis and his life in addiction. It's called Scar tissue. I highly recommend to everyone.


  • amirahsmommy11
    August 15, 2012 at 8:47 PM
    I'm glad that has helped you! There is so much more to it than just not using. I know for me my drug use wasn't my problem. It was a sympthom of my problem is me! I have to go to meeting because I can be abstinent and still active at the same time.

Struggling with addiction, Finding recovery and hope.