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Won’t Get Fooled Again: Romney’s Terrible Record as Mass. Governor
by _Kissy_
October 21, 2012 at 1:07 PM

Hello.  My name is Mitch Grosky.  I am a member of the Athol, MA Democratic Committee, a professional photographer, and a retired Massachusetts teacher and elementary principal.   I am writing to you in hopes that you will view an absolutely FREE video slide show which I recently created and uploaded to YouTube. It is an eleven-minute show called “Won’t Get Fooled Again” which explains what a disaster Mitt Romney was as governor of Massachusetts. Note:  Sorry, but the video plays only on laptop or desktop computers; it does not play on mobile devices.

Although I am a lifelong Massachusetts Democrat, I once made the mistake of voting for Mitt Romney (back “home” after saving the Olympics, and though I was hopeful, I almost immediately began to regret my vote–as did thousands of other Democrats who crossed party lines as well as independents and even some Republicans who realized how much he let our Commonwealth down.  The show is an indictment of Romney’s term in office, and is an excellent counterpoint to all the boasting that he has done about all that he supposedly did for our state.  The slide show is set to music and features quite a number of lovely Massachusetts landscapes.  So far, it has been exhibited on facebook and has been sent out to many on my email list, and already has over 2000 views in week in which it has been available.  I am hoping that it can reach a much larger audience.  I would very much appreciate your clicking on the link below and viewing the show.  If you like it and feel it has merit, I would appreciate your forwarding this email to the members of your Democratic Committee email list and urging them to send it to everyone on their email list (including those in other states).   I believe that the show carries an extremely important message, and one which needs to get out—nationwide.


The following are some comments viewers have made after watching the video:


“Phenomenal…a million thanks for making that; you really nailed it.  I will share it every day until the election.  I have never done that before, but this needs to be seen!!!!!  Thank you so much for sharing…really awesome job!”


“Great job!  A great learning experience for me….I loved the music and photos, and of course the great information.  Now I know for sure who I am voting for.  I must share this….”


“Thank you for all your work, Mitch….  Shared it via personal message with folks in Ohio, Virginia, Florida, and Illinois.”


“Although I live in Florida now Massachusetts is and will always be HOME. I was sickened by reading what Mr Romney did to this state. He obviously cannot govern even one state. I for one do not want to see this man in charge of 50 states.  He makes me sick.”


“Thank you for posting this sir.. for having the courage to demonstrate the peril in supporting someone who talks a good game but only cares in the end about his own money and the money of his supporters.. who are all about screwing regular people and making profit in the name of free enterprise in any way they can get away with.”


“Thank you, Mitch, for taking the time to put this important video together. Too little is discussed about Romney’s governorship. For those who don’t know Mitch, he is always fair and open minded about each person he encounters. If anything, he is fair to a fault.”


Thank you; this is a wonderful video and I am sharing it with my friends…


“Great video, and great background music to go along with it. I don’t understand why Obama’s re-election team doesn’t use his failures as Massachusetts Governor in this Presidential campaign? Maybe you should forward it to the White House.”


“Excellent!  Make sure that this slide show gets into the President’s hands.  Mitt was making claims that don’t stand up to the light of day, but the President didn’t have ammunition to fight those false claims.  Thanks for exposing this . . . fraud!”


“Governor Romney’s “accomplishments” in Massachusetts are something that should be shared far and wide.”




Once again,  I am hoping that after you view the video, you will find it worthy of posting it on your facebook page and/or sending to your friends on your email address list (especially those in “battleground states” or those in which the race is really close.

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