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what do you do with clothes your children have outgrown?
by KateT3
March 22, 2012 at 9:45 AM

 For the longest time now I have been selling my children's clothes to a nearby consignment shop called Wear me Again. She pays you after they sell giving you half of what she sells which isn't a lot especially if she has a half off sale but at least I get something or that's what I been telling myself anyway. For a while I went to other consignment shops that pay you cash on the spot but they are so picky about when you bring them in and bringing them in on their hangers etc. etc. Wear me again isn't picky like that. you can just bring them in garbage bags, all seasons clothes mixed and any day any time so that part couldn't be easier. Lately though I have been frustrated at trying to shop their for a couple of reasons: 1. she puts so much on the racks you almost can't pull something off to look at it and possibly try it on, I have seen some things where the tags have gotten pulled off for one reason or another so I wonder how they know who to give the credit to when it is sold. Which of course makes me wonder how much I am making when I pick up my money. she doesn't give you back your clothes if they don't sell in a reasonable amount of time but donates them to 2 different charities. anyway reason number 2 The dressing rooms are often very messy. I went in there last Saturday and there were so many clothes in the floor I had to literally clean up the mess before DD and I could even begin to try on the stuff we had picked out. There were clothes and hangers everywhere which really ticked me off. I know they weren't short handed in employess either b/c I saw one lady handling the front check out and 4 or 5 in the back room sorting through things someone had brought in. I complained at the checkout and she asked one of the employees to clean up the dressing rooms. I'm beginning to think I could do better just having a yearly yard sale. At least then I could know what each clothing was selling for. Or I could just pay it forward and give them to someone especially DD's clothes as it isn't hard to find someone with a little girl. So what do you do with your children's clothes when they outgrow them?


  • giggle
    by giggle
    March 23, 2012 at 10:46 AM

     I have found an online yard sale for my area on FB. Maybe do a people search - type your county  name and yard sale and see what comes up. Then you normally have to be acepted to the site. Then make a photo album. It can be kind of a hassle, most people want to meet at a halfway point, which for safety reasons I guess is good but not always possible with little ones. And you get people who want stuff and never show up. Another option would be Find the area closest to you. Could always do all girls same size as one lot then same with the biys clothes instead of individual pieces. I lucked out on craigslist last year and got rid of lots of stuff. Good luck.

     By the way, love the new profile picture!


  • my2sweetjoys
    March 23, 2012 at 8:31 PM

     Yes Love the picture! I usually give them away to younger kids in our family and I really do not have the energy for a yard sale.I do like the idea of Fb having county sites and the nearest consignment pays when the item is sold.I have heard of those who pay you on the spot but did not realize how picky they were.

    I love going to consignments but my son is so big,sizes 6 to 8 boys and his shoes that I buy him does not last long.They look new and gently worn so it makes no sense to throw them away so I find someone to give away.I really do not find a lot of nice clothes for him in consignments.I just gave away some Oshkosh and Old Navy items the other day to my niece for her sons.I would love to use the consignments but I have no babies anymore-just a big boy.

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  • KateT3
    by KateT3
    March 24, 2012 at 9:06 AM

    Thanks ladies this is my natural color, if you can tell in the bad light. Finally decided to stop coloring it myself!

    I too don't find many things for my boys at consignment stores as boys are so rough with their clothes. I do find a lot for my DD and occationally I find something for me.  I will check out the craigslist and FB!

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