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Did she steal, or was this okay?
by Anonymous
March 17 at 12:58 PM

I was at the grocery store yesterday.  I don't usually pay attention to what others are buying, but this is a very small store and it wasn't busy.  This store just recently started putting out free bananas, apples, and oranges (Cuties or Halo) in produce for the kids.  There is a sign that says "FREE.  One per child please."  There is also a sign on the entrance that says "Treat your child to a free banana, apple, or orange in our produce section."   

The lady in front of me was getting ready to pay when the cashier asked her about the bag of produce.  The customer replied it was from the free stuff.  You could see the confusion on the cashiers face.  This lady had a huge sack of produce and it had everything in it, bananas, apples, oranges.  She had no children with her.  The cashier mumbled what sounded like "That's supposed to be for the kids..." but the lady ignored her.

The customer behind me said "Is she really taking a whole bag of fruit that is supposed to be for the kids while shopping?" and I replied to her "Apparently so."  1st customer turned around and said "It's free and I am taking it home."  I looked at her and said "Yeah, free for kids shopping and it's ONE piece, not $20 worth of stuff."  

The cashier finally seemed to find her voice and said she was only allowed one piece of fruit.  The 1st customer said "Who is going to stop me?"  With that, 1st customer grabbed the bag of fruit and walked out, leaving her other groceries.

The bagger looked at the cashier and said "a couple more like that and [name] will put a stop to the free fruit."  I'm assuming that was the produce or store managers name.  

Do you think she stole or was it perfectly fine for her to take a whole bag of the fruit home?



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