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horror story!!!
by Anonymous
December 20, 2014 at 11:45 PM
A young white female,around the age Of 17,was walking home from a friend's house.The year was around 1960.The girl was expected to be home around 8 o'clock that night.Her parents still up,waiting for her to walk in the door..well,
8 o'clock turned into 9,then 10,so on...

The girls father decided to take a ride to the friends home,and his way there,which wasn't far,he spotted a figure on the side of the road.He pulled up,and there he found his daughter brutally battered and beaten.Of course the parents took her to the hospital,and did what needed to be done in a situation like that.

Days pass on,and the girl
Finally told her parents what had happened... A car pulled up,a young black male dragged her in the vehicle,raped her,and brutally beaten her.The girl,said she knew the man,and knew where he worked at.

The man didn't realize the girl had seen him before.He worked at a grocery store,in the small town where they live.

The father decided not to call the cops.Instead,the father decided to stalk the man,& wait for the perfect moment he could get the man alone.Somehow,the father succeeded,and he took the man,against his will of course,took him deep in the woods.

The father tortured the man,for what he had done to his daughter.

The next morning,the father turned his self in,and explained everything that he had done,and the reason why.He didn't have faith in the law,and he never said that or used it as an excuse.

The father proudly took a life sentence.Many people considered it was a racist thing.Others said
They would've done the same thing.

Its not right to take another's life,but it's also not right to savagely beat and rape anyone.I don't believe the color of the young man had anything to do with it.The father gave up his life,to get revenge for his daughter,and died an old man in prison.

-- would you have done the same?


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