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Okay, it really is baby time! *update 6* SHE'S HERE! *PICTURE ADDED!*
July 26, 2014 at 7:18 PM

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I've been super lightheaded all day today, and I passed out walking to the bathroom earlier, so my OB had me come in to get checked out. They monitored me for 2 hours, my blood pressure was obscenely high the whole time, so they're sending me up to be induced.


*1) We're all comfy in the delivery room, they're about to put in the IV and start me on the Pitocin. No Cervadil, since I'm already dilated between 3 and 4.

*2) Been on the Pitocin about 2 and a half hours, pain level is about a 4-5, I'm about to let them break my water soon, to get things moving more quickly.

*3) Just got the epidural, I feel lovely. How anybody does this shit naturally is beyond me, I commend you ladies that go med free. I thought for sure I was going to puke all over the poor nurse that was helping to hold me in a sitting position while the anesthesiologist put in the catheter. I'm a huge wuss, so I didn't want to wait for the pain to get any worse and then spew my guts all over the room like I did when I had Corbin. I think I was handling the pain pretty well, considering that my hips felt like they were fucking exploding. I can still feel my legs so far, and move them a bit, they just feel really heavy and tingly, but I don't feel any more pain. Time to turn the lights off, relax, and try to get some rest, because I'm friggin exhausted from barely sleeping last night.

*4) I'm fully dilated now, so whenever I start to feel the urge to push, I can. I just haven't started to feel it yet. Gonna have a baby soon!

*5) Kinsey Lane, born 2:58 AM.
I didn't even push, my poor nurse had to hold her head in while trying to get the doctor in the room. She slid right out on her own. She's beautiful, brown hair, blue eyes.


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