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I need to vent and need some funnies
by Anonymous
May 18, 2014 at 3:02 PM

I'm having a shitty day.  I have chronic pain but no meds right now, dh has chronic pain and takes the same medicine I do but we're both out.  Anyway, so he takes off to the bedroom to nap and leave me having to deal with pain, kids and no meds alone.  This upsets me and I cry.  Dh tries to get me to lay down with him which is pointless b/c I can't take a nap and laying down only makes me sleepy.

I told him I needed help and he flipped out about how he's in pain and w/o meds too.  Thing is, I've been dealing with him for 7 yrs, my pain just started a few months ago.  I stupidly thought that maybe, just maybe it was my turn to get a hug or positive thoughts or a shoulder to lean on but instead I get yelled and cussed at.  I tried to ask him why he never (or rarely ever) puts his arm around me and tells me things will be okay or try to fix it when I'm upset and he cussed and yelled and stormed off.

I'm not stupid enough to follow him.  This new antidepressant they've got me on doesn't help and I've already had 3 nerve pills, I don't know what else to do.


Please post some funny, interesting, creepy....I don't care just anything to take my mind off of my shitty life


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