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anyone else have a 7yo in diapers?
November 23, 2013 at 9:40 PM

Our 7yo DD still wets the bed every night.  A couple months ago we went back to diapers, because goodnites were leaking too often - and what's the point of them if you still have to wash the sheets?  She didn't really like it at first, but doesn't mind now since she realized that waking up in a dry bed is much better than waking up in a leaking pull-up.

Is anyone else still putting a diaper on their older child?


  • smiller8008
    November 23, 2013 at 9:55 PM

    She has soda maybe once a week, but wets the bed way more often that that, so I don't think it's caffeine in her case.

    Quoting MicheleJM:

    Actually with my son it didn't make a difference if he drank water or not before bed.  What DID make him stop peeing was cutting out any caffeinated drinks after a certain time of day.  No one wants to admit they give their kids soda but if you do try doing that.

    Quoting Anonymous:

    sounds like a medical issue that her doctor is ignoring. sorry but its not normal for a 7 year old to pee the bed every night. cut off drinks and food by a certain time at night. if you have to, wake her up every few hours to go pee. shes going to be made fun of by her friends.

  • Anonymous 10
    by Anonymous 10
    November 23, 2013 at 9:55 PM

    It can very well be this: Hormonal problems. A hormone called antidiuretic hormone, or ADH, causes the body to produce less urine at night. But some people's bodies don't make enough ADH, which means their bodies may produce too much urine while they're sleeping. Lots of older kids and even adults wet the bed.

  • Anonymous 3
    by Anonymous 3
    November 23, 2013 at 9:56 PM
    Then I would get a second opinion.

    Quoting smiller8008:

    Quoting Anonymous:

    You should talk to her doctor about this.

    Yeah, we have.  He's not worried for a couple more years.

  • Anonymous 11
    by Anonymous 11
    November 23, 2013 at 9:56 PM
    My niece has that problem. She's in college, and that hormone you are speaking of still never switched on. She is on medication at night for it when she has company or is staying a someone else's house. Otherwise, she still uses bed pads and other preventive measures just in case as long as no one is over. I'm not sure why she doesn't take the medicine every night.

    Quoting orchardmoma:

    Actually it can be normal at that age. I would take her to the ped, just to make sure nothing medical is wrong. Our brain has a hormone, kinda like a switch that gets turned on at a certain age. You know how as adults we wake up from deep sleep because our brain tells us that our bladder needs to be emptied? Well in children that Hormone or switch turns on at different times. My son stopped wetting when he was 9. My youngest son never wet the bed from the moment he was potty trained at 2. I suggest you talk to your child and ask her to pay very close attention to her body signals, she just might be missing it. Don't ever shame her (I'm sure you don't) and be patient..

  • smiller8008
    November 23, 2013 at 9:56 PM

    Quoting erin708:

    My 7yo dd does. We've tried a variety of things: urologist with meds, chiropractor, bed alarm. Nothing has worked. I'm not stressing anymore. There is bedwetting issues on both sides so that is likely the cause. She's a heavy sleeper. My 4yo has been day and night trained for a long while.

    Is she in tape on diapers or goodnites/pull-ups?

  • Anonymous 9
    by Anonymous 9
    November 23, 2013 at 9:57 PM
    My ds is severely disabled

    Quoting smiller8008:

    Quoting Anonymous:

    My 10 yr old is. In fact, he just got out of them 24/7 about 6 months ago

    Why was he in them 24/7?

  • Anonymous 12
    by Anonymous 12
    November 23, 2013 at 9:57 PM

    Why is she in them 24/7?  I would have her in panties during the day and diapers at night if she is only bedwetting.  Also medical supply places have diapers for older children who phase out of pampers / otc diapers.

  • triforcechick
    November 23, 2013 at 9:57 PM
    My kids are 3.5 and 2.5 and we haven't had a night time accident (or any other accidents) in at least 6 months. Sorry, no help here. Is her dr worried? Maybe it's just a hormonal thing or a phase? If her dr isn't worried then I wouldn't stress much about it. Good luck! :)
  • Anonymous 13
    by Anonymous 13
    November 23, 2013 at 9:57 PM
    My almost 10dd wears pull up. I have not read other replies I generally get upset The lack of education on this topic. We are currently being seen by one of the best bed wetting clinics on the west coast unfortunately there's nothing they can actually do. Most of the time it is a hormone deficiency. The kiddos lack ADH hormone or it is weak. ADH shuts off the body from producing urine at night. Most of the time it will become functional around puberty. BTW withholding liquids can actually make the problem worse long term. There is a synthetic form of the hormone available that kids can use for things like sleepovers so they do not feel embarrassed. It does have a lot of possible side effects and it cannot be used for more than a few months at a time. It's kind of expensive but you should ask your doctor about it
  • Anonymous 14
    by Anonymous 14
    November 23, 2013 at 9:57 PM

    My 8 yo DS still wets the bed a few times a week.  He's HF autistic, but regardless our Dr. said it's really normal and it's just from the fact that in some kids the part of the brain that develops the ability to slow urine production at night hasn't entirely matured yet.  My friend's 8 yo daughter wet the bed at night up until recently, so I knew we weren't alone.

    I gave up on goodnights, they didn't control the leaks.  I got waterproof matress covers and pillow covers, and I wake him up twice a night to pee.  That has helped a lot.

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