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So it is happening UPDATE 10/22/2013
October 21, 2013 at 7:16 PM

I have posted in here about issues with my DH. 

Well he is leaving tomorrow and we dont know how long for. 

I cant do this anymore right now. 

I lost a GOOD job because of having to call off cuz he decided to check himself into the hospital. 

I have a new job now where i only work when the kids are in school. Once in awhile they might need me on a Sunday but ds6's den mother from cubscouts said she would watch both boys on that day. 

I cant do this. By the goddess i do love him but i cannot help him anymore. I cannot deal with the fighting and the flip flop. I cant handle in and out of the hospital. 

I told him and his grandmother agrees, for different reasons i am sure, that he needs to work on himself and he cannot do that while here. 

So he is leaving tomorrow. 

10/22/2013  UPDATE!

So dh left for a doctor's appt at 10am central time. He is currently waiting for the bus to show up at 2:50pm to take him to his grandmothers. 

He was telling me that he doesnt think this is a good idea. He feels like he is walking out on his family. I explained to him that he is not walking out. He will still be in contact with all 3 of us. I told him the door is not closing and that he can come back when he has his head clear. 

He told me that he has a feeling he is going to be down there and things are gonna be easier and he is not gonna wanna come back. 

I told him that, that is HIS choice but there is not going to be back and forth. 

He agreed

Update again 10/22/2013

Well DH is on the bus heading towards Milwakee, Wisconsin. 

UPDATE 10/23/2013

DH called him this morning and told me that he was at the hospital in Kentucky. He apparently had an anxiety attack. They released him a little bit late and he missed the bus. So they rerouted him and his grandmother is going to meet him in Atlanta Georgia at 11:30pm eastern time. and then drive back home to SC. 

UPDATE 10/24/2013

Well DH made it to Atlanta, Georgia. His grandmother picked him up and he is getting some much needed rest!


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