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*SO* Let ME name your LO's! (I like uncommon names btw)
September 21, 2013 at 12:00 AM

Post a picture of your kid(s) and I will rename them!
I'm bored, and sorting through all the pages of the other post was exhausting lol!

I like unusual/uncommon and sometimes just flat out weird names. I do like plenty of more... common names I will use here to suit a variety of naming needs lol. Whatever I feel I will write!

** Wow, this is really my first frontpage feature ever!! SAWEEEEET! I'm going to get to naming all mah kids now lol. =P

Finished up through page 37. Will do more as they come and as I have some spare time throughout the day! :)

Completely caught up and doing them as they come now, lol. Amazed at how fast this went crazy! Thanks for letting me have fun though lol.

I seriously cannot keep doing this haha. It's getting freaking weird now, beyond weird! Not even a coincidence I can have that much weirdness in one post. =P

Anyway, it was so much fun but I cannot wait to NOT be featured, crap, my mind is nothing but baby names 24-7 today and yesterday lol. So much fun though and I will definitely keep going tomorrow. I'm hovering around page 90!


I quit! I can't name more names. I'm freaked out by this post in general lol. I've gone through to highlight some of the coincidences happening in this here post!

  • Named a son a name she strongly wanted for both her sons.
  • Named an kid his middle name. RARE name! Sorrent/Soren
  • Came close to an actual name when I said Elowin.
  • I said Aya + her sisters actual name was Ayanna.
  • I said Taurus, his name was Travis.
  • Named her DD Timberlyn, she lived on Timberland.
  • Named a kid Penny, that was almost her name.
  • Named a kid a name they considered for him.
  • Named a kid Bear who was at a zoo, he was surrounded in photo by wooded area, could have made me swing my name but still.
  • Named boy Tenn, addicted to Dr. Who and being some Dr. Tennant for Halloween!
  • Named a boy HOLT, his real name is COLT.
  • ^ Named said boys brother their MOMS nickname!
  • Named a young aspiring model 'Cameo'.
  • Mom showed her DH my rename and he keeps calling their DS that now!
  • Named two brothers their IRL BFF's name + the other a name of a City near where they live. Not common either?!

Pregnant mamas! Rub your bellies on the screen and I can tell you anything! I'm psychic! LOL!


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