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Banquet time!! ETA update and more pics
May 3, 2013 at 8:17 PM

Time for my husbands honor guard banquet!

I posted last night and everyone was hating on my dress saying it was so slutty. Well I got complimented by officers wives as soon as I walked in the building. And they said they loved my shoes and wanted to know where I got them! Lol (I made them )

I did add something under my dress just to make it a little longer so now it comes to my knees since so many of you thought I would be an embarrassment to my husband if I wore it how it was.

Anyways, I've seen everything so far from floor length to mid thigh dresses. I think I got a great classy and sexy look with mine. Most dresses are about knee length or a little shorter.

And what do y'all think of my hair?? I wanted to do a full updo but my dh loves my long curls so I compromised!! Lol more pics to come.

More pics from the night!

My hubby won the quarterly award!

He got a medal, a coin, a inscribed glass and 2 plaques! Soooo proud of him!

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It's so funny that I got nothing but compliments all night. As soon as I walked in, 2 officer's wives told me how nice I looked and wanted to know where I got my shoes. Lol. Later, the GENERAL's wife came over and introduced her self to me JUST to tell me she loved my dress. My husband had several people compliment him on me and I had tons of other people tell me nothing but positive comments. I was told I looked "stunning" as well as "eloquent" in conversation. It just goes to show there are a bunch of hateful women here on cm who try to bring me down every chance they get. This proved that so much.

Again, this was NOT a formal event, it even specified on the invitation "no long gowns". So all you saying how terribly innapropriate I looked we're WRONG.

Trust me, there was a couple women who were dressed skanky and everyone was looking at them in a bad way and I was dressed NOTHING like them. One chick had on a tube dress that barely covered her ass and showed her cleavage including her trashy chest tattoo and tattoos on her back and arms.

I was the picture of class and behaved exactly as I should. I stood by my husband's side as he was given award after award. I couldn't be more proud and neither could he.

He won the quarterly award btw and his commander told him he hopes to see him win the year.

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