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A crying, naked 2 year old was trying to cross a busy street.
by Ultra_
May 2, 2013 at 3:30 PM

My coworker was walking back to work after lunch. She found a naked two year old trying to cross the street and she was sobbing. She took her hand and asked where her mommy was. Then other cars stopped and one was my coworker's boyfriend. Since she had to come back to work she left. The other people called the police and her boyfriend stayed as well. The police apparently knocked and knocked, then kicked down the door. They apparently now put yellow tape around the home. It's totally weird and scary. Her boyfriend called to tell her this. The home is a nice middle class home to. Kept up and cute. Not some ghetto home where you might expect neglect. We're thinking maybe they found a body. Crazy.

UPDATE: They found a woman, presumably the mom, dead. It was an apparent suicide overdose. There were pills everywhere and a paper. Which one can guess is a note. The little girl's grandma came and took over for her. The say it had been at least 24 hours. We're all very sad for the little girl. She must have been so scared and hungry and just in need of everything. ;( </3 My heart breaks for everyone involved.


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