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Ha Ha DUI loser!
May 1, 2013 at 3:50 PM

 Well to me it is funny, see my xDH has a hugedrinking problem and its the main reason I left him. Sure I see no problem going out after work and having a few with friends but what he started doing was extreme and he got mean when he drank. I finally left him and said if he decided I was more important then beer he could call me. Well a month after I left he did, but when he showed up at the restaurant he was DRUNK. So I just got up and left, he then called my family members and started telling them fun things like that I was a whore. Well I did not see him again till the divorce and have cut off all contact with him and low life friends.

that was over 4 years ago.

Now I'm planning a wedding! And was thinking of using the old restaurant I worked for, for the catering and well that brought xDH to mind so just for the hell of it I googled him name... The first thing to come up 4/21/13 arrested for DUI & suspended licence. I have to be honest I could not stop laughing. I told him to many times he would get in trouble with his drinking if he did not stop and it looks like he did. I also called DH and told him I love him and I glad we found each other.


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