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200 lbs + bikini = UPDATE: full body pic pg 23
by MaMa.Lu
April 27, 2013 at 12:04 PM

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Update: full body pic on pg 23. It's my before pic I took two days ago. Does this finally prove I'm fat/200 lbs sheesh.

Those who answered thanks. I do have body dysmorphia. But I'm not delusional about my weight. I find it ironic that many heavier set gals are calling me dumb, liar, etc. Because I don't apparently fit the cookie cutter mold of a "fat girl" ... How are you any better than the thinner women that make YOU feel bad about yourself AND your weight because you aren't the cookie cutter size 2?? The hypocrisy of some of some of your comments is unbelievable. I AM 200 LBS, IT IS POSSIBLE... BECAUSE I FREAKING EXIST! Unless every scale in the past 3 years have been wrong at the drs office (different rooms different scales) ...I am over 200. And yes I take off my shoes my coat, anything that might add to the scale before stepping on. I always hope to see it start with a 1 but its been a long time.

My swimsuit is from Old Navy. Size XL.

Gals : seriously what woman LIES about weighing MORE than they do?? No one I know! It's usually the opposite. I am not lying... I have no reason to lie about how much I weigh. Heavier gals... You know its hard enough accepting and being honest publicly about your weight. I am not looking for compliments. Just an honest opinion if you saw me at the pool would you think why the fuck is she wearing that?

Yes I am 200. Yes I have cellulite. You can see it on my butt area. No I'm not "okay with it" or am a badger of thin gals.

Struggled with weight my entire life. Was bulimic. Cut class in college just to exercise... Got to my smallest then but that lifestyle wasn't sustainable (calorie counting/ no carbs AND exercising 2.5 hrs a day.)

Went thru a bout of depression in the past few years which didn't help my waistline. I totally let myself go. 2013 - I'm dedicating to me and getting healthy. I have been eating better and exercising consistently for about a month.

I want to lose at least 40 lbs overall. The reason for this is I'm going to Vegas next week. Aka lounging at the pool. My older sis and I areTaking my younger sister for her 21st. I'm fat. A one piece or bikini isn't going to hide that fact.

Is this totally totally gross of me to wear this swimsuit? Believe me I know its not great but I also don't want to continue being a hermit and hiding from the world. My weight loss is going to be an ongoing project of mine ans I hope in several months I can proudly post after pics of me.

I will probably put a wrap around my big butt.

Advice please.

I'm 5'6


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