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Why would you call your kid that? ***EDIT*** *(Another EDIT)*
April 1, 2013 at 5:48 PM
This is not to rip on anyone, or piss them off. I am asking because I really don't understand.
Why do you name your kid one thing and then call them something else? Whether it is a shortened version or something entirely different? Why don't you name them what you intend on calling them?

*edit* This does not include silly nicknames like: bug, monkey, boo ect...
I am talking You name your kid Samantha Jo, only to call her Jo. Why didn't you just name her Jo? Your son's name is Jeffery, but you call him Jeff. Most adults continue to use the name they used as a child.

***Another Edit***
It is obvious to me that many of you 'ladies' grt on her just to be nasty hags. You don`t actually read the post, only the title, and you don't bother reading any comments either. So for those of you, let me make it as simple as I can.

I was Curious as to Why a parent would do this because naming a kid is usually such a huge deal to the parents. It causes couples to bicker and families to frown, people research the meanings, read many books, scour the internet, and create the Perfect name for their baby. Then call them something else.
I did not say it was wrong, bad , stupid, or anything negative. I simply asked why? After all that work, why? Personally, I put a lot into my kids name knowing it would be said everyday for the rest of their lives and thought they sounded nice. I was just Curious. Not trying to hurt feelings, insult, talk shit about, make myself feel superior, or anybof that bs. Just wanted to hear answers from other. For those of you that answered without being a complete beast, Thank You! The rest of you: it is obvious that you just like to fuck with people. That isn't why I joined this group, so I will not play that game. If you don't take the time to read the post, I will not take the time to respond.


  • LilrockerMama
    April 6, 2013 at 4:21 AM
    My son is Ezekiel but we call him Zeke. People have trouble pronouncing Ezekiel and some ppl still end up calling him Zach or something completely different. Lol I have lots of meaning in his name Ezekiel and his nickname Zeke. My daughter is Adalyn and I call her by her name or I call her jackfish/Jackie and that's is only because when I was pregnant my son said I should name her Adalyn Jackfish and it just stuck. Lol I think nicknames are fun and VERY special!!

    What I don't get is why have a child's first name one thing, but then call them by their middle name. That is what I find odd, but it's not my child and maybe it is special to them in some way.
  • kmorales7690
    April 6, 2013 at 4:23 AM
    My youngest a name is Israella we call her izzy because its easier for my two year old to say. Plus it's a cute nickname

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