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Take A Look At What Government Heathcare Got This Woman!
March 26, 2013 at 2:08 PM

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Take a look at this insanity!

This woman, depressed because she had very small breasts, but clearly unable to afford a boobjob on her 9,000 Pound income a year - which is roughly $17,000 in the US, said her boobs lack of size were causing her emotional distress and depression...

And so, SHIZZAM!

The British Health authorities got her some boobs. You know, to help with her depression.

Take a look at what the taxpayers of the UNITED KINGDOM OF GREAT BRITIAN have given her.

Now, since they're taxpayer owned boobs... does this mean the British people have certian rights toward these boobs?


Wannabe model gets giant 36DD boobs... courtesy of the taxpayer

Busty ... Josie after £4,800 NHS surgery
Ross Parry Agency

WANNABE glamour model Josie Cunningham shows off her new 36DD boobs — served up on the NHS.

Josie, 22, had a £4,800 breast op funded by the taxpayer after telling her GP that being flat-chested was causing emotional distress.

The Leeds telesales girl said: “My new boobs have changed my life, now I want to be the new Katie Price.”

Despite earning just £9,000-a-year in telesales, Josie has made several trips from her Yorkshire home to get used to the celebrity lifestyle in London nightspots.

before op
Feeling flat ... before op
Ross Parry Agency

She has also had chocolate brown highlights in her hair to copy busty Katie, begun a collection of Louis Vuitton handbags — and ordered a chihuahua puppy.

But last night critics angrily blasted the op which boosted her bust to an eye-popping 36DD as a “waste” of taxpayers’ cash.

Josie had implant surgery at St James’s Hospital, Leeds, in January after telling her doctor that being flat-chested was causing her emotional distress.

She said: “My GP referred me for the operation because I wasn’t just flat-chested — I didn’t have any boobs whatsoever.

“I could never go on holiday as I lived in terror of ever being seen in a bikini and could never set foot outside without a padded bra.

“The doctors said they’d never seen anything like it and believed me when I burst into tears and told them it was ruining my life.”

Josie, previously a 32A, added: “My new boobs have changed my life. Now I can’t wait to do topless and swimsuit photoshoots and become the new Katie Price.

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