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Cute ways to tell him you're pregnant
by Anonymous
February 21, 2013 at 10:34 AM

My husband is dying over here! He wants a baby just as much as I do - to the point where HE started tracking my period ( weirdo ). He came into the bathroom the other day while I was in the shower to ask me if my period was late, because it was the 18th. I laughed and said yes. It was due on the 16th.

He has been bugging me to take a pregnancy test. The reason I haven't is because every month I get stressed out about the test and every month I spend 15 dollars on tests and every month they are negative. We've been tring since October - so negative in November, December and January - it hasn't been long enough to be concerned.My period has also starting coming irregularly - up to a week over due at times.

So - long story short. If it's not here by Saturday, I am going to take a test, but I'm not going to tell him that. I find it adorable that he has asked me to take a test every day, morning and night. He understands why I'm not, I don't want to waste anymore money and when I get a negative test, it sends me into a bout of depression that last 2-3 days. So I really hate those stupid pee sticks.

Anyways - I was just thinking well what if it's positive. I know he will be so excited and this is my first and last chance at a happy pregnancy. We don't want anymore after we have one together and my son from my previous relationship was more like " Well, I'm a teen mom now, CRAP" and not a joyous happy moment. It was filled with lots of tears. Of course now I am extremely grateful to have him - but this is my first and last chance to have that OMG I'm pregnant, happy happy joy joy moment.

So if and when we do conceive, please share your cute ideas for telling a husband that will be extremely excited!


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