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Anyone Heard Of The Mountain Meadows Massacre?
February 19, 2013 at 1:11 AM

This is an evil monstrosity that the LDS 'Church' did back in the mid-1800s.
I grew up LDS and never knew anything about this.
The Baker-Fancher immigrant train came to the Salt Lake Valley, planning to head west to California. The Mormons would not trade or do any business with the wagon train.
The Mormons told them that the northern passage was riddled with Natives who were angry at the white man and that the southern passage was safer and easier to travel.
This was a lie.
Also, word had been sent to the southern Mormons not to do business with the train, as well.
The morning of Monday September 7, 1857 was bright, warm.
A little boy had just sat down to eat his breakfast when he was shot and killed- the first victim.
Then followed the shooting of 10-15 more immigrants- 7 of whom died then, three of which died days later.
The train members made a circle of the wagons and dug a trench to protect themselves.
For days, there were shots fired.
Friday, Sept. 11, under the guise of surrender, a Mormon man walked into the immigrant encampment to convince the members that they should leave the area. He promised them their lives if they walked away from their weapons and belongings.
Women and men walked single file. Children and those men too injured, were pulled in a wagon- all led by Mormons.
After walking about a mile, the procession was halted.
A Mormon yelled t o his brethren "Do your duty!" and shots rang out.
Within a matter of minutes, 120+ men, women and CHILDREN were killed.
17 orphans were taken to a ranch a few miles away, to be adopted by Mormon families.

There was no reason for this massacre, other than blind devotion to a man who says he is of God.
How can this 'church' be good, when they have this history on their heads?


  • Anonymous 23
    by Anonymous 23
    February 23, 2013 at 3:02 PM


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