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Troll Cat (and other Hard of Hearing moms of course)
February 10, 2013 at 10:04 PM

SORRY!! I didnt even think to clarify! 

HH means hard of hearing. 

Trollcat, you are HH right? Or am i thinking of someone else? 

I have some loss, but thats not the point of the post lol, even if i had NO loss i would still be asking lol. 

Anyway, I homeschool. And DD wants to learn a foriegn language. But she has severe speech delay, and her therapist said that Spanish (her choice) would be a bad idea at this point, and that we should wait until she masters Rs (she cant say Rs at all lol) before learning spanish. (the R sound is a must in spanish) 

SO her second choice was ASL. 

Unfortunately, i cant find ANY programs! 

We have been learning the alphabet, and its tons of fun. And I know some basics (from a project i did in HS) and i taught  her how to introduce herself and ask for the bathroom. lol

Can any of you please direct me to an ASL learning program? cost or free makes no difference. I would like to find an actual kit that would be sent to us, but online only would be fine too. 

Thanks ladies!!! 


Mom Confessions