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Look what my 5 y/o nephew brought home from school yesterday
February 8, 2013 at 2:39 PM

Does anyone else think this is beyond inappropriate!?! I can't believe his teacher didn't know better from the start. They were rinsed but idk if that changes my opinion on this situation at all. My brother will be up there speaking with administration as soon as he leaves work today.. But I'm just baffled. WHO could possibly think that was a good idea!?


ETA: it's just a little art project. But the class was using an assortment of alcohol bottles. Obviously nothing to SPAZ about. But I DO think it should be addressed. To me it's just not appropriate in a kindergarten classroom.

ETA2: I just thought the labels should have been removed as well. I have no other issues with them using the bottles. They were rinsed but a lot of kids know what the label is and a lot of kids don't because they have alcohol free homes. I think it's up to the parents judgment to decide when they want alcohol bottles around their children.

ETA3: the project had something to do with the book "whistling Dixie". I've never read it so I don't really know what the plot entails. I didn't really get an answer as to what the project is either since essentially they just put paper around bottles and colored them a little..

Also, the bottles were plastic. I didn't even think to ask him until someone else noticed it in the picture. Again, let me reiterate my stance on this.. I do not agree with the alcohol bottles being used WITH the labels still on them. I'm all for cheap art supplies for teachers and using recycleables, I just feel a little more preparation could have been done before they did the project. To each their own though and thankfully this one wasn't mine to handle. :) thanks for all the opinions ladies. Even those of you who contributed nothing but snarky comments, really thanks for the entertainment. Lmfao.

Oh & I am deffff not a crunchy mom but it's crazy how quickly some of you would assume that from one post!


  • grandmotherof6
    February 11, 2013 at 9:29 AM

     I really don't understand the project, was it just to collect small bottles,  the parents should have removed the lable

  • Lydlou02
    February 11, 2013 at 10:57 AM
    Most schools in my area don't allow any alcohol related items on school grounds, a teacher here would not have gotten away with doing anything like that.
  • Bonita131
    February 11, 2013 at 3:00 PM


    Quoting GibsonSD92:

    Lol you sound a little crazy. I did NOTHING to offend you, yet I get bitched at for caring about what goes on in a kindergarten classroom that just so happens to be teaching my very young and impressionable nephew.. I forgot.. That's just not normal..

    And yes I "smh" at you because I thought it would be a bit more polite than lmfao in your face..

    Oh and the appropriate term is "Auntie". I don't have antennae and multiple sets of legs soo. J/s. :)

    Quoting Bonita131:



    Quoting GibsonSD92:


    Quoting Bonita131:



    Quoting GibsonSD92:

    It's unfreaking real that you can't read. It's my nephew and not my son. I didn't take anything to the school. I came to the wonderful world of cafemom. Regardless of your opinion though, I'm still glad my brother mentioned it to his teacher.

    Quoting Bonita131:



    Quoting GibsonSD92:

    The problem is he's 5 and shouldn't be subjected to alcohol bottles in a school. A little hypocritical with all their "just say no" and DARE concepts.

    Quoting LaLa_Ivory:

    ok... did he drink it? no? than whats whats the problem?

    I don't think it's inappropriate at all. Its a bottle for an art project for pete's sake. If it was a pop bottle, you'd probably bitch about that being inapropriate too, as pop bottles promote sugar.. You have blown this way out of proportion and shame on you for taking your lame complaint to the school. You could have soaked the label off yourself since you found it so offensive. Jesus christ, the only way your 5 yr would know its a booze bottle is YOU saying it is, or you have booze bottles in your home.  

    Isn't there something more serious you could set your mind too, like one of the hungry kids programs in your neighborhood? All that energy you're directing at a freaking booze bottle for a little kids art project could be put to better use. 

    Un-freaking real. What some mothers will do to cause trouble when the trouble is not needed. It's like you crave attention so you'll find any reason to get it.



     What's un-freaking real is you turning into a freakoid nut bar over a 5 year old kid bringing home an empty washed booze bottle for an art project. If your nephew happens to be found to have talent in the art field by his teachers, he'll never get anywhere with it as long as his nut bar aunt and father go out of their way to stiffle it with this kind of petty bull shit. Shame on you, and shame on his father for blowing an innocent art project completely out of proportion.


    An expected response from a phony.You come here and bitch about a booze bottle being inapropriate for your nephew's art project, yet you find the 'endearing'term, "Smh" appropriate for you to use as a response to a person's comment. You might want to ask yourself what's wrong with that picture, Antie dearest.

    When you finally grow up, (which I highly doubt will happen) try posting again. Maybe then someone will actually take what you have to say seriously.

    Oh and the appropriate term is "Auntie".

    You just proved what kind of mindset you really have. The most important thing to your little pea brain is catching me misspelling a word & you making sure you ruin an innocent 5 year old child's art project.
    Congratulations on being the worst Aunt of the year.


  • cmoorec
    by cmoorec
    February 11, 2013 at 5:30 PM

    No, I wouldn't assume that this auntie is a "crunchy mom", just because she has a problem with recycled whisky bottles that still have their labels. I was a crunchy kinda mom and this would never have registered with me as some kind of problem. I fail to see how this could be any kind of problem. Kids don't really care about what was in the bottle. It's empty and clean, so parents can take the label off of it. That teacher had enough to do with her class prep.  Having to worry about the handful of parents (or aunties) that might spaz out because their kid brings home an empty Smirnoff bottle (airline size), is just not something a teacher needs. Give her a break and do your own obsessive censoring (it is just not the teacher's job to do that for you.) The father calling to complain only served as another distraction in an otherwise busy and often hectic day for a teacher.

  • Anonymous 60
    by Anonymous 60
    February 11, 2013 at 5:59 PM
    Ha ha! Lady if u see nothing wrong with this u have something seriously missing in ur cranium! To the aunt who put up this post. U are 500% correct. This other woman needs to be booted. Where are ur morals lady! These are practically babies! U probably would put gin in ur babies bottle to put them for a nap! Goodness gracious! U go auntie ur on the right track and u have a lot of moms that are backing u up.

    Quoting Bonita131:

  • Bonita131
    February 11, 2013 at 6:39 PM


    Quoting Anonymous:

    Ha ha! Lady if u see nothing wrong with this u have something seriously missing in ur cranium! To the aunt who put up this post. U are 500% correct. This other woman needs to be booted. Where are ur morals lady! These are practically babies! U probably would put gin in ur babies bottle to put them for a nap! Goodness gracious! U go auntie ur on the right track and u have a lot of moms that are backing u up.

    Quoting Bonita131:


    Ah, the illiterate, "I can only type single letters," has come out of the woodwork.

    Learning basic writing skills would be a good idea, my dear.  

    You might actually get somewhere in your life if you know that you is actually spelled y-o-u, not U, & your is spelled y-o-u-r, not ur.


  • notasha.taggart
    February 11, 2013 at 6:52 PM
    it may not be a big deal to some but let a child wear a shirt that has a symbol of a alcohlic beverage wether its just the symbol or the word and bet he gets sent home or parent called to bring a shirt
  • mommyof24ever
    February 11, 2013 at 7:02 PM
    People like U amuse me. Lol. Im sorry U just aren't important enough for me to waste my time spelling out the full word. Illiterate lol make me fall over laughing! I have read more books than u probably have in ur library. And I don't mean the kind with pictures lol . The fact is u have no morals or rational thought process in ur brain. Do u even know what illiterate means. Lol I have to catch my breath!
  • jen425666
    February 11, 2013 at 8:02 PM

    I agree that it is inappropriate to leave the labels on the bottles, but would have been completely fine if it had better preparation for this particular project and age group. Could you define "crunchy mom" for Thanks!

  • Crymsm
    by Crymsm
    February 11, 2013 at 8:38 PM

    Wouldn't bother me, what harm is it really going to do to the kid? 

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