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HPV vaccine... *Small edit*
January 7, 2013 at 8:22 PM

My stepson was due for shots - TWO of them - in order to return to school. I can't remember what the two shots were, but he ended up getting six. One of the six was the HPV vaccine.

Just FYI: I did not take him to get his shots, his BM did. DH & I do not vaccinate our children together. We did until the age of 3 when one suddenly had extreme signs of aggression & still struggles with it. Our 6 year old twins were vaccinated until 3, our 4 year old until 1, and our almost 2 year old has had no shots.

Anyway, when BM dropped him off after getting his shots, she told me how many he got. My jaw dropped, four shots that were not required for him to return to school were given to him - I'm really wishing I would have just written a letter saying we no longer vaccinate, but it's too late for that. So he got a chicken pox booster, and the HPV. I'm not sure what others he got, but those are the 'extras' that she told me about. The first thing out of my mouth was "Gardasil, you got him the Gardasil shot?!!?" She immediately looked appauled and said "NO!" .... I've been researching since I got home this evening (I had a long day at the hospital with one of the twins), and the only shot I can find for boys is, in fact, gardasil.

There have been a lot of deaths and serious life altering side effects because of this shot. I'm devestated by the fact that she unnecessarily gave her son (a child who has lived in my home and been a part of my life for almost 8 years, and I raise everyday) a shot that she had no idea what it was.

What is your stance on Gardasil? Is it something you would give your child? Especially a 12 year old who isn't even interested in the opposite sex?

BM texted me today to ask if SS was okay. I told her he has had headaches for the last two days, but that I didn't know how he was today since DH gets him off for school & I sleep with the littles til' they get up. "Okay thanks. I read up on the shot and the paralysis it may cause and don't want him to be worried about it. I believe we worry about it enough." was what she said in response. I think she's a bit worried about it now that she realizes that she gave him this specific shot without even thinking about what it was. She just assumed they wouldn't give him something dangerous? What, like wheat isn't dangerous to his body, and you continue to give it to him? ... Whatever, I'm really irritated.


  • Anonymous 56
    by Anonymous 56
    January 23, 2013 at 6:29 PM
    My nieces friend got HPV after receiving that vaccine busted out w genital warts & has never had sex she's actually a lesbian and hasn't even done anything in that regard either. I'd never let my child get that.
    And I worked in the medical field 10trs and dated someone in the pharmacusical industry for 2 years.

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